By seththing - 22/05/2016 03:49

Today, I locked my keys in my car. I had a spare key in my wallet, that I also left in the car. FML
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We've all had those days at least once...


nonsensical 26

We've all had those days at least once...

"Hey, I just locked my keys in my car. And my backup key in my car. Can I borrow your phone?" "You want me to just call triple A?" "Huh, oh, no; I just need to post an FML."

This is why I have a hide-a-key on my car and an alarm that only shuts off with the fob.

Time for the good ol' metal hanger trick? Or is there no clothing store nearby?

Sadly, most stores these days have crappy plastic hangers. This is why I always keep a metal hanger in my boot(trunk) ...which can only be opened with the key... Wait

How would he even buy the clothes?

Wouldn't need to buy clothes, just "borrow" one of their metal hangers.

I did this exact thing a month ago, and I work so far in the boonies, there were no tow trucks available to unlock it. I had to stay an extra 3 hours until someone could bring me the extra set of keys.

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I've done this before. More times than I'd like to admit. Now I carry a coat hanger easily accessible.

Where'd you leave your spare brain? I think you need it.

I used to hide a spare under the insole of my shoe

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I have like 4 pair of boots that I switch off each day so that's a no go

I've done the same thing, along with leaving my phone in the car too. A police cruiser pulled up when they saw me jimmying the door with a coat hanger, I thought that they'd be nice and use their slim Jim to open the door. Nope, they just told me to drop the hanger, put my hands up, and step away from the car. Then they asked for my ID and to show proof that it was my car. When I pointed out that my wallet was also in the car they called a lock Smith and waited for him to show up (they said that they couldn't use theirs). They stopped treating me like a criminal after he opened the car and looked through my wallet.

That sounds fair? If you were lying they would have broken into a car belonging to someone else. Better for them to be cautious when they find someone breaking into a car.

I would've had to been the world's dumbest criminal considering that I was the one who flagged them down for help. I had just worked back to back double shifts waiting tables and was dead on my feet.

a lot of criminals are pretty dumb, to be fair. lol. I'm sure it sucked for you but I can see their side.