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By  PennyLane27  |  32

Maybe you have tonsil stones, or a cavity? Terribly sorry, OP, that must've been mortifying. But maybe make an appointment with a doctor or dentist, in case something is wrong, beyond just needing to brush teeth.

By  Sphanz  |  17

Also brush your tongue when brushing your teeth. Helps with bad breath. Mouthwash after makes a perfect combo. Hopefully you can get it worked out OP.

By  VeganDarkLight  |  31

She was already your girlfriend before you even kissed? That's kinda cute, although pretty uncommon I think. I hope your following kisses won't be that awkward, you might want to get the source of that bad breath checked out (unless your hygiene is really bad, it's pretty likely it comes from a disease).


Since when does being in a relationship automatically mean you're kissing and/or getting intimate? This girl I work with just left her baby daddy and she was saying last night she has 3 dates lined up and has to try out each dick...i mean personally, I like to get to know someone at least a little bit.

By  Bryce8  |  11

At least she was honest about it, rather have that then she avoiding kisses you ever again and never telling you the problem. Buy some mouth wash and brush your teeth three times a day.