By fuckmylifeLulu - 09/04/2011 16:07 - United States

Today, I filed my taxes. As a divorcée with children, I was supposed to get $3,500 back from the IRS. Alas, my ex's new wife already filed with my children, who don't live with her. I now owe the IRS $250. FML
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Kill her and put her body parts in a pizza.

So, isn't that fraud?


Kill her and put her body parts in a pizza.

you should tell the irs she filed fraudulently. thell take that money back and give it to you.

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ydi for waiting so long to file taxes. Damn procrastination will get you screwed.

Ok they're living with you so prove that they are and SUE THE FUCK OUTTA THAT BITCH THATS FUCKED UP MAKE HER ASS PAY BCUZ SHES A DUMB BITCH you shouldn't have to pay for shit!!!

Agreed with 121, OP lives in the states so the obvious solution is to sue, sue, SUE!

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I love how none of these replys are about the body-pizza...

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Yeah I'll have an extra topping of c*ntflaps.

Had that happen to me. Proof has to be shown that the kids lived with her. When she cannot provide proof and you can she will be paying out the ass in penalties. I got my money back and my ex had to pay back almost double what she had gotten due to fines.

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Report it to the IRS and file a form1040X. Trust me the IRS WILL correct it. They don't want to pay a fraudulent tax filing. Also if it was agreed upon that you claim the children in the divorce decree you can take her and your ex to both family court and federal court. Good luck :)

One Skankaroni pizza comin' up. :)

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lmao so true!!!

Fuck that bitch! Report her ass and get your money back. Its not her right to have one penny of that money.

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She should have asked you first since they are YOUR kids not hers

do you really think that other woman gives a shit? apparently you've never been in a divorce or had divorced parents..

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report her for fraud on her taxes.(:

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Most likely the new wife knew she'd get more money back with the kids. Sure it doesn't make it right.. but the op can always sue.

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Or you can just cut the bitch.

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report her?!

So, isn't that fraud?

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I agree

I'm sure it is... most divorce w/children decrees stipulate who gets to claim the kids. ex. Mother claims children odd years. I would write the IRS and send appropriate paper work, if OP does have it in writing. If not OP's screwed!

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actually no. I just went through all of this and Apparently if they are married and are his kids then he can file for them whenever. yes if it's in the divorce papers that he old gets such and such years then she might have something but the cost for a lawyer is going to be twice what she owes. and if the ex and new wife file together then technically they can be her kids and they will get the money. the IRS doesn't really give a crap.

Hockeyrocks, as much as I love the sport too, your pic kinda gives me the willies :(

technically if the kids do not live with the father and his new wife then no only the mother can claim them unless otherwise specified in divorce papers

Everybody is mostly right. 1) The parent the kids live with more than 50% of the time gets to claim them 2) Unless there is a divorce agreement that says otherwise 3) Fun exception: If child support is higher than the recipient's income, the non-custodial parent can claim the children as dependents. 4) This often results in a shitstorm

hahahahaha... me too! I'm not a dude if that helps...

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I just got a divorce, I was lucky enough to talk my dunce x husband into letting me claim our son every year, now usually if the parent paying child support continues to pay the divorce decree will state that in even years the mother claims the children, in odd, the father.

unfortunately you're right the cost of a lawyer to solve this outweighs the recovery. best to just communicate and resolve it that way

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it is fraud. call the IRS and the ex and new Cunt will get into trouble and have to pay the IRS and u back as well. then take them back to court and explain it to the judge and punish them both. lol I know it works I've done it. cuz my ex did the exact same thing to me.

The only ones legally allowed to claim the kids on taxes unless there is another arrangement in the divorce, is whoever the children reside with 60 percent of the time.

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go whoop her ass!!!!

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I agree too

I'm pretty sure that's fraud and she can get her ass in jail for that :-S

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That is fraud.

yep. totally fraud n u can get all da money u deserve n put dat bitch in jail for fraud

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Possibly even the rest of her too.

That is fraud. My ex has done that to me. Call the IRS and tell them the problem. She will get an audit and have to pay it back, and u should get the money.

all you have to do is probe that the children live with you fir more than 6 months a year. this can include school documents.

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yep let's the IRS get her ass they're kids and live with you and her ass will go to jail and you'll get your money.

kick that bitches ass using the IRS...that conniving **** *****!!

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calm children read this lol

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that's it? my parents have to pay around 5,000$ every year.

Yeah, but the point is that it's fraud genius...

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well then…boobs.

does your parents jobs take out tax out if every check or is that what is calculated they owe in lump sum when they file? either way, sounds like they must make a lot of money

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158 Is English not your first language, or do you just not proof read at all?

That's some baby back bullshit. You better contact the IRS and straighten everything out, and get that hobag in trouble too.

lmao " baby back bullshit" im gonna start sayin that

Definitely fraud. Sue the *****.

sue that stupid bitch!!! some people have such nerve and no shame it's kinda sad