By AAA guy - 04/02/2015 16:02 - United States

Today, while on the job I accidentally locked my keys and all of my equipment in the car. I work for the AAA. FML
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"Hello?" "Yeah...Hey Steve, uh," "Really Mike? Again? This is the third time this month."


it happens to the best of us; surely you can call a fellow coworker to help you.

Yes! With the tools that are also locked in the car.

lol I also used to work for AAA and did that. I actually had my reach outside the car but the pump wedge and my phone were inside with the keys.

Charles900 16

We've all done that once in a while. At least working for the AAA, you can get help quickly.

I'm sorry but what does AAA stand for? I guess your opening doors or cars in your job?

Haha! Of course it stands for triple A. I think anybody could decider that. Anyway, to ACTUALLY answer your question, it's a company that you can have insurance with so whenever you have a problem(ex. locking keys in car, battery dead, flat tire) they will come to your rescue.

HeadlessSparrow 20

I never say Triple A when talking about AAA. I actually say "A A A."

Heheh I have to chuckle at that "madgenius" comment there #10

Strong with this one, the irony is. Live this down, you won't for forever will this haunt you.

The first one was good, but the second kinda ruined it. Nice try though!

Do you at least get an employee discount?