By evilparents - 01/11/2010 20:10 - United States

Today, I realized that my parents never ground me as a punishment because I don't get out enough for it to matter. FML
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Join the club. >.< Though my mother just takes away my phone or computer privilages.

if I had a life I'd tell you to get a life, but to avoid hypocrisy, FYL


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Do they chain you up and feed you fish heads?

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That gives you plenty of time to play WoW and **********.

fakeaccount, you win when it comes to display pictures.

if I had a life I'd tell you to get a life, but to avoid hypocrisy, FYL

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So? You never grounded. Be happy.

lol even if u do have friends just play along with it then u can go out

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my shit gets moderated but yet u let some shank say "hey Sean" fml

This reminds me of the time when Mel Gibson and I were grounded, and i converted him to Christianity for bad guys


#103, from all the above comments, which one are you talking about? I bet it was #87! >:D

YDI for realizing that your parents never ground you as a punishment because you don't get out enough for it to matter.

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56 - I would love to tenderize you ;) wow that sounded hella creepy haha OP - I think you should just get some friends and not tell your parents about them. That way, you can just have fun when you're "grounded"

aadk that was creep, but u dont know what is goin on in my mind with all the things i would do to 56.

Just remember guys: No matter how hot a girl us, somebody, somewhere is tired of putting up with her shit.

It's not that easy. Some people's parents are so strict they won't even allow them to go out anyway.

Join the club. >.< Though my mother just takes away my phone or computer privilages.

Yeah same.... But after like half an hour my dad gives me my iPhone back because I need a phone for 'safety reasons' LOL. As for my laptop I need it 'for homework' hahaha


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lmao that's me as well how the **** are they evil for not punishing you? ur a good kid suck it up.

You don't necessarily have to go out to get grounded; be really rude to them. That should do it!

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Guuyysss. We have to listen to this dude. Clearly, he knows things...

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It's pretty bad when your parents can't even ground you because you have no life. stop playing WOW op!

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Because it's an addictive game that turns kids into recluses. It turns adults into them too. I know a guy who never leaves his house, refuses to work, makes his girlfriend do EVERYTHING for him, because he's so addicted. He won't even go out to dinner with her because he may have a mission or whatever the eff it's called. I'm sorry but that is PATHETIC. Did you know they even have REHAB for this now? It falls under audio visual addiction. My brother went. WOW kids... It is NOT NORMAL to have all social interaction online. And by normal I mean ITS NOT HEALTHY. It's not condusive to a productive life and you are NOT a contributing member of society. You're a technology hermit. All you WOW addicts need to STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER. Go outside. There IS A WORLD outside. Stop relying on the computer. Seriously. The internet is here for research and entertainment in your DOWNTIME. Not your sole outlet for entertainment. Geez. My children will NEVER be allowed to play that game. I've watched it destroy otherwise healthy, active, normal people. And don't give me "what is normal anyway" BS. You're right, there is no "rule" out there to state what is normal. But WOW people are just.. ya'll have social problems, plain and simple. It is NOT a healthy or productive lifestyle. Period.

Reality is a nice place, but i wouldn't want to live there.

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Hey, that's not so bad! You can sit on your ass and play xbox for hours. The american dream.

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As long as you're happy with your life, and your parents aren't doing way worse things instead of grounding you, then who cares?

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You can vote online! And ********** while you're doing that! See, everyone wins. You support your country and somewhat pacify your need to eat out (or get eaten).