By zazzleface - 09/04/2012 12:23 - United States - Bergenfield

Today, my mom was in the kitchen when her shirt caught on fire. Acting quickly, I poured my glass of water on her. Instead of thanking me, she yelled at me for making a mess. FML
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Ungrateful bitch, she should be happy you saved her from severe injury.

DaKillaMafia 2

Should have just let her burn.


Ungrateful bitch, she should be happy you saved her from severe injury.

Exactly. Some people just don't know what they've got till they loose it. Pfft.

Some people in this world just deserve to burn in hell.

blackheart24 10

Or burn in the kitchen like OPs mom.

Some people don't realise that OP likes the kitchen enough to save it from burning flesh going everywhere.

olpally 32

Burn that bitch to the ground... Now!! >:) jk, but seriously, smack that bitch!!!

kandi_kid69 15

As Usher once said "Let it burn, let it burn. Gotta let it burn."

This might just be me, but since OP said they acted quickly, I think they put out the fire before the mother noticed, who knows, it could've been the back of her shirt.

That's what I was thinking as well

talk about ungrateful. next time let her burn

At least she was in the kitchen.

Burn the witch? Or just leave an iron on one of her shirts and leave a mark.

Exactly! If her shirt was on fire, she could've ended up with second or third degree burns if you hadn't run in to help her.

DaKillaMafia 2

Should have just let her burn.

Or at least relit her and walked away

LoveMay 10

You are forgetting it was Op's mom. I doubt you'd even think about letting your mom burn if you were in the same situation.

Unless he's a psychopath, I think 2 was being sarcastic...

That's extreme... if OP didn't act when (s)he did, their Mom could have been left with life changing injuries, or at least scars that she'll have forever. Her reaction was immature, ungrateful and juvenile, and for that I'd say OP should tell her off for it, but her life was basically saved.

That's too extreme. How is letting her burn a good fucking idea?

You guys take FML way too seriously.

I know we are such drama queens making a big deal out of something as small as burning people and their ungratefulness.

DaKillaMafia 2

No, I was serious. If you let your mom burn in front of your eyes, you have no _____. (fill it in with whatever you want; I was thinking heart)

Some mums just want to watch their shirts burn...

I beg to differ sorry I just had to be the one contrarian

I'm pretty sure if OP let his/her mom burn, she probably would've still yelled at him/her for not putting out the fire and letting her burn.

In the words of Tom Dubois, "Let it burn! Oh, look at my chest!"

FYL OP for her being ungrateful..


Oh yes of course! because a puddle of water is way messier than a pile of mommy ashes! -_-

Next time let her burn :)

Why are you guys thumbing him down? Would you seriously let your own mother burn? Dang this generation is messed up

how about shutting the fuck up, not coming back til u have a sense of humor and know what sarcasm is... -_-

Once almost every comment says "let her burn next time" it stops being funny. People are actually reccomending letting the mother burn next time. I thought it was funny first time i saw it but as you scroll down you see the same thing. Thats when it stops being funny.

Please everyone thumb down 4's comment, it's a fucking disgrace...

Finnick_fml 12

What a bitch... ignore her if that ever happens again :)

So what you're saying is that OP's mother should burn, giving her severe and horrible burns? Also something she has to live with for probably the rest of her life? Yes, OP's mother is ungrateful but that's beside the point. I wouldn't wish that upon anyone.

Better idea!! Buy a fucking fire extinguisher.

Buy a fucking fire hydrant. Install it in the kitchen and be ready to put that oven back in it's place.

snator 0

She was in shock!!

TallMist 32

#77 If OP's mom acted like that ever since OP was born, then it's very likely she gave OP some emotional scars, because the way OP's mom acted here was technically abuse. And even if not, verbal abuse would be very likely. I can't say for certain that the mom here always acts like this, but if she did, then yeah, it's likely. And also, mental/emotional abuse could very easily lead to physical abuse, which COULD leave physical scars. And emotional/mental scars could be argued to be worse than physical scars as well. Now, again, this is all speculating OP's mom is always like this and I acknowledge this may not be the case, but we can't rule out the possibility.

You should've yelled at her for being careless.

GoingToBeAPilot1 6

Hit her with a fire extinguisher.

Now you know for next time; don't save her.

Next time let that bitch burn!

Bitches be ungrateful.