By iblamethetories - 11/10/2012 17:49 - United Kingdom - Colchester

Today, I had to pay my bus fare in very small change. After carefully counting out coins under the withering glares of a bus-load of people, I quickly slid them into the machine, and somehow ended up jamming it. FML
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Maybe the bus doesn't have very many people on it.

Clearly that sarcasm was just a bit too much for you to handle :)

**** that. Scream, 'Rosa Parks', sit somewhere, and refuse to move.

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#25 that sounds... HILARIOUS. LOL, just imagining someone do that has me giggling. Sounds like something off Family Guy.

How does this comment have 17 thumbs down?! Yeah okay obvious spelling error, but it made me lol :) You are harsh FML community, you are harsh...

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That happens to me all the time, #2. There I am all excited and I get WAY too excited and just slide it in too quickly. Or at least that's what she says. She acts like I'm gonna break something if I slide in too fast. I mean how is that possible? I know she wants it over quickly so she can go but then she complains! I don't understand women... Good thing I only have to deal with that bus driver and machine about once a week!

Ok it started out funny but you drug it out too long... Try again...

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And your comment, 36, just flat-up sucked from start to finish. Try again.

You really think so? I thought he would have been quite comfortable.

Hahaha number 8 its obvious youre new. Though frowned upon when used too much, sarcasm is commonly used in the fml community. Welcome...

7 comments. Must be a newbie. But sarcasm rocks! OP, why can't you pay in larger change quantities?

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If it makes you feel better, I did this too... but had to spend 5 minutes un-jamming it, and then ended up 25 cents short.

If I had a dime for every time I heard that...

I guess OP will have to make a change to his plans.

What if OP is female? You'll have to quarter to make up for that.

Is it just me or does #28's pun not make any sense?

anzie_fml 9

44- I understood their pun just fine. I found the pun itself quite clever actually, though Chipmunk might change it to make more cents to the FML. But that's just my two cents, if you want to count my opinion.

44) quarter=court her. Courting is basically sucking up to a female to get with her or something. Does no one read about old culture anymore?

you're retarded. and yes I read fine literature

It sucks if anybody would look down on you for paying in small change. Times are hard.

It almost sounded as if you slid the people into the machine. :P

A dangling modifier?! When I saw FML authors make this mistake repeated times, I knew I had to correct them! /grammar joke Oh well, English is hard. At least s/he tried! :D

I don't see how my comment was interpreted in such a way that it got 10 downvotes.

Least you didn't use pennies OP, or else those "glares" would have turned into death threats.

I put in £1 worth of pennies in Sainsbury's self checkout once.