By isucksomuch - 31/07/2011 06:18 - Canada

Today, I found out my mother cleans the dishes with bathroom cleaning chemicals. She doesn't see anything wrong with this. FML
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if you've been eating off of those plates and haven't noticed anything wrong until you actually saw her using the bathroom chemicals to wash the dishes, then I don't see anything wrong with it either >:D

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did u shit in the dishwasher?

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This is the the food taste like shit

oh come on guys, it's not that bad assuming she washes it with water afterward and these people brush their teeth.

Suggest to momma that she might not want to douche with Drano.

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I use my toilet to wash my dishes. It's why I'm so full of shit.

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I assume that you people understand the chemicals in bathroom cleaning supplies have harmful stuff not to be ingested. I think I'm missing the sarcasm though.

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maybe she does that because she hates you:0

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Ummmm....You realize those products are a lot differant from dishwashing soap? A lot of bathroom products have hazardous material in them, maybe even carcinogenics. Just because you don't fall over and die after eating on them doesn't mean it's not bad for you...

On the basis of 1/2 of these posts... I believe the future is going to be bright.... as soon as this gene pool is scrubbed. Its called survival of the fittest. In other words, those who read and follow the ******* directions.

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My cleaning lady did that so the plates smelled funny, we had to wash them all again, if you don't like the way your mom washes, wash them yourself

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Chemicals wouldn't just 'rinse off' ... just sayin. Hopefully most of you aren't in charge of washing dishes. Or anything that involves too much thinking for that matter.

Well in the end it gets the job done.... Am I right ?

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51- hey we Canadians do a lot of other great things to eh (:

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132- like what, put knitted caps on

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.... ur cats and take pics of them

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And you don't get my sarcasm

sometimes I thumbs up my own comments because I'm the only person that finds my randomness funny. ???????????didn't expect me to call myself very cute in japanese now did you?

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nothing is wrong with you so far, so...

Maybe it's time for someone else to start cleaning the dishes.

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yeah right, since when do men clean dishes?

I'm always the one that washes dishes in my household

That's a picture of Daria. and OP doesn't have a gender descriptive name....... Who said ANYTHING about gender???

Yes it is a picture of Daria. Good observation.

I use bathroom cleaning supplies as mouthwash.

It's times like this when I wish we could favourite a comment :L

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NastyNinja31 0

Damn I replied to the wrong comment

see usually i use bleach and sulfuric acid...

It's cause you're such a "potty mouth." See what I did there?

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That means she has to clean the bathroom with something. My guess would be bear spray.

Well obviously you've been doing perfectly fine before you knew.

You realize that ill effect don't often appear right away, right?

yeah, OP's family's livers and insides must be extra healthy from all those chemicals.

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