By NotSoAnon - 13/08/2011 15:31 - United States

Today, I was painting my room. I told my mom not to open the door because I was on a ladder just behind it, with a paint can perched atop. She barged in to ask me what I'd said. FML
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all4pooh 4

That's something my mom would do lol

If only the paint fell on your mom. That would have been epic.


imthatguythatdid 0


u waisted the first response... :).

imthatguythatdid 0

I really dont care if i wasted it I said wat i wanted to say thats all i did U kinda wasted ur comment by telling me i wasted mine

you spell like a moron. and I didn't waste my time, because as you would put it, I'm saying "wat" I wanted to say.

^That wasnt funny #1^ Wow hope youre alright man

imthatguythatdid 0

Its funny when she barged in. Wats wrong with me finding that funny?

2-you can reply to his comment

IndiRae 9

It's FML. People don't put their stories up to get sympathy. They shouldn't anyway, cause this is pretty ******* hilarious.

That sucks but it's pretty funny

This is actually an FML I can see happening.

Technically, op didn't say the paint fell.

mgsoloist 14

47-it's kinda implied...

This reminds me of the time i was climbimg a mountain and my dumb friend pushed a boulder down it. He got a strikeout.

"Mom, please don't open the do.." *Mom chrashes in* "WHAAAAAT!?!?"

flockz 19

73- you kinda make op's mom sound a little like the koolaid man.

22cute 17

That's hardly your Moms fault. I mean you could have walked in to where ahe was and said it to her face instead of shouting through doors. Obviously she didn't hear you. YDI

-80 Theres a bomb strapped to the do-- WHAAAAT!?!?

flockz 19

"OH YEAAAA-" *boom*

flockz 19

....are sometimes great milfs? DONT LEAVE US HANGING! FINISH YOUR SENTENCE!

Well that sounds very paintful. Just brush yourself off.

... Are evil maniacs planning to eat their children? Like mine? Thats normal right? No? Whatever yall.

rallets 22

#101 the joke was done, youre late

I was helping Flockz out. Wana cookie for being special?

rallets 22

ive already got a cookie, thanks never said i was special?

"Geneticly correct mother, it would be in my greatest interest if you did not open the door to my room, as I'm currently positioned in a quite dangerous place, and a paintbucket and I would fall and I would possibly get injuries from the fall, plus the fact that the paint would spill all over my room. Thank you for your co-operatio.." *Mom chrashes in* "WHAAAAAAT?!"

I'll take his cookie if he doesn't want it :3

I agree with #83. Why couldn't OP just get confirmation that she heard what he said? It's hardly her fault for coming in when her kid was screaming something incomprehensible from across the house/apartment.

all4pooh 4

That's something my mom would do lol

ducky42 1

Same here.

25shark 5

I think its something almost every mom would do...

i think everyone could make that mistake, (i'm sure I would)

I mean that not thy. This anti-flood thing makes it hard to fix mistakes.

You should of yelled watch out and tackled her to the ground and then say politely please don't open the door I'm painting.

Happend to ur face..

Well sorry I'll take any chance I get to hurt my mom without getting in trouble. And seriously what happens to your face.

ImmaB3AST 7

33- your a dumbass. No other person is goin to love you as much as your mom and you want to hurt her? That's ****** up.

ImmaB3AST 7

81- I believe YOU'RE a grammar Nazi.

ImmaB3AST 7

Some people on here "tlk lik dis." Do you correct everyone of their posts also? Or just the ones where someone calls someone a dumbass and used incorrect grammar making them the true dumbass?

That's really a top shelf kind of FML. pun intended. But really, moms are so obnoxious.

Yes I realize that my "pun" sucked.. It was meant to suck.. :0

Planking is for losers.

I thumbed you down solely because your picture is planking.

My bad.. I should have put a picture of my abs up, that way y'all could have liked it. Way to judge man by his picture, aha :p

79, I thumbed your comment down because your face is repulsive.

abs? what abs?

planking is fricken awesome . go die .

I'll die when people stop using Photoshop to make themselves look better.

That was unecessary.

146 - That was cold...Don't need to be a bitch.

Blackmail111 9

147 if I could give you a hi five I would be the happiest man on the earth

Blackmail111 9

Sorry I meant 146 not 147

Maybe you should have talked a bit louder?

If only the paint fell on your mom. That would have been epic.

Lmfao!! well FYL indeed.. But still...that is soo funny xD I hope you're alright though. (: