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  22cute  |  17

That's hardly your Moms fault. I mean you could have walked in to where ahe was and said it to her face instead of shouting through doors. Obviously she didn't hear you. YDI

  Yngve_fml  |  9

"Geneticly correct mother, it would be in my greatest interest if you did not open the door to my room, as I'm currently positioned in a quite dangerous place, and a paintbucket and I would fall and I would possibly get injuries from the fall, plus the fact that the paint would spill all over my room. Thank you for your co-operatio.."
*Mom chrashes in*

  Daralea  |  21

I agree with #83.
Why couldn't OP just get confirmation that she heard what he said? It's hardly her fault for coming in when her kid was screaming something incomprehensible from across the house/apartment.

  ImmaB3AST  |  7

Some people on here "tlk lik dis." Do you correct everyone of their posts also? Or just the ones where someone calls someone a dumbass and used incorrect grammar making them the true dumbass?