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Today, I washed the dishes for my mom while she was out, as they seemed to be piling up. I accidentally sliced my hand with a knife in the process. After a trip to the hospital, it was revealed she'd been leaving those dishes there "to teach dad a lesson." FML
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I would give my dad the biggest guilt trip.

You sound like a very good daughter! Sorry about your hand OP.


Show it to your dad and tell him that that's what happens when you do dishes. (in revenge)

The point is so his dad does the dishes, not to give him more reason not to. Edit: I think I misread your comment if I did, sorry but if not the other comment stands lol.

wait wait. she left, the kitchen!?!? I was in my bedroom, wanking while watching guys build sheds.

Really 58? (To the first part) What the hell are you talk about??? (To the second part)

At least it was still the knife thing to do

p3mguin 7

What the fork are you guys rambling about?

Now, I'm napkin'na be too long here. OP's dad should have manned the fork up and done his own chores so OP wouldn't have to. If this continues, spoon OP will be covered in stitches. He or she is probably eating with a spork right now. (the spork one was lame, I know, but I tried my best. :D)

I apologize for my horrible puns. I'll vote myself down now. /hides in hole of shame/

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54-I don't know how you pronounce 'chore' where it would even remotely sound like 'so'.

56 - I think it was meant to sound like 'sure' not 'so'

Dish thread is such a load of crock-ery!!

You sound like a very good daughter! Sorry about your hand OP.

Ahem. Sons are capable of doing dishes too.

Ahem, but women are so much better at it... LMAO,

That'll teach you to do something nice for someone...

hopsinlove17 26

You should always try to do something nice for someone. Especially if you need a favor in the future from that person.

You should learn to recognize sarcasm...

hopsinlove17 26

I did. I was just stating the first thing that popped in my head from reading your comment. Don't be an ass.

You shouldn't try to counter sarcasm with seriousness. They are two different philosophies...

HeyArnold91 8

I would give my dad the biggest guilt trip.

Agreed, it appears no good deed goes unpu issued after all. :p

Well obviously you sat around while they piled up as well? Unless of course you were just visiting there or something but if not well don't let it pile up so much next time!

Perhaps OP has other regular household chores that she does, and in that case it wouldn't be her 'job' to do them in the first place. Note that the FML says mom was trying to teach dad a lesson, not OP and dad.

Understood, but growing up I always had many chores(I grew up on a farm). So I had chores everyday but if we saw something that needed to be done well we did it. That's like if you work somewhere and you see a piece of trash somewhere you don't just walk by it cause you're not the janitor. You pick it up.

We have no reason to believe OP isn't a grown up.

If I found some trash on the floor I would obviously pick it up, but if I saw that floor needs vacuuming I would just remind my dad to do it since it's his chore. Yes, I'm lazy.

Same haha. I point out to my partner when his chores need doing. I might occasionally do his stuff but I've got my own housework to be getting on with lol.

39. I said if the op didn't live there it would be a different story?

So pretty much, you took a knife for your dad. Can anybody say extra cake for dessert?

I wonder what OP'd do for a Klondike bar then.. O_o

You're a good kid. Some kids won't do the dishes even they're bribed. Sorry about your hand and the miscommunication.

That's actually happened to me before too.. Minus cutting my my finger on a knife.

You did some dishes and then just randomly ended up in the hospital?