By future missing person maker person thingy - 11/10/2012 20:37 - Canada - Lloydminster

Today, after saving up for weeks, I bought myself an iPad. Because mine is better than the one my parents bought my ten-year-old brother, he got pissed and threw it into our pool. I'm now grounded for getting angry and calling him a bastard in the aftermath. FML
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If that's all you did, I admire your restraint.

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bladedrose 3

Agreed I'd have thrown him in the pool...and probably kicked his ass lol

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unknown_user5566 26

58- That comment may have worked if "poet" wasn't in his name...

Terrible Poet is a terrible poet. Read that last sentence a few times, and you'll understand the error of your ways, 58.

I'd turn the water off to the house and put an excessive amount of chlorine in the pool, then I'd crap on his face when his asleep and watch as the only place he could clean it is the pool :) Bit much?...

I would of drowned his ass and brought him back to life and drowned him again.

mahdi8130 8

If it was me i would sell the kid's kidney, and buy a new ipad.

Yeah guys, I got it. I appreciate you trying to help though.

Yeah, only calling him a name really does show restraint. Also, did anybody else the OP's username?

I would've choked him homer simpson style haha

#95, his last sentence, ie, his only sentence. Ha.

-1 I agree 100%, if it were me he would have been going in after it.

Ahahaha! Last time I heard that one I almost fell off my dinosaur!!!

madskittlesftw 5

Not to thread jack, but op has the longest name I've ever seen.

Wait wait wait your brother got an iPad at 10 I barely even got a pack of gum at that age

What a charming brother you have. I would like to see his reaction when he saw HIS iPad in the pool

thatKidzmOm 10

We'd see just how happy he is when his goes for a little swim. Spoiled little brat!

Being that op's parents bought the sibling's iPad, they'd probably be more mad than the brat

#15 has 74 thumbs down. You guys are a tough crowd.

Inheritance 10

This kid deserves more than that as a punishment. He deserves a can of whoop-ass!

enormouselephant 15

Throw him in the pool with some bricks tied to his feet... Just kidding. That sucks op!

Why does a 10-year-old need an iPad...?

Kick his little ass and throw his I pad in the pool OP... Sounds fair to me.

Probably to talk to his 8 year old gf. When I was a kid, we only played house. Kids today REALLY play house!

BeforeItWasCool 12

It would be tempting! If he's ten and has an iPad though, I doubt he's ever left a screen long enough to learn to swim. Though, if the parents aren't supportive, as bad as it sounds calling the police on your own family, I would definitely call them- that's criminal damage. You saved a lot for that, it's not like it's a minor thing. If the parents aren't helping out, and there's no way of a refund/replacement, then it's only fair.

bfsd42 20

234, you would really call the cops on your 10 year old brother or parents? that is the stupidest shit I have ever heard.

This FML reminds me of all the assholes in my town who give their kids iPhones at age 10. I always think "Get them an iPod touch its the same thing."

foxholeathiest 4

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MuseFanatic 8

Yeah, why is his pet donkey taking the abuse!? Leave his ass alone!

foxholeathiest 4

You can bring him back with little to no damage done

Psych101 9

80- Wow. What don't 10 year olds have these days? Pet donkeys, iPads...

Why do ten year old get iPads? I'm fourteen and I saved up for nearly everything I got. But even those weren't as expensive as an iPad. Gosh, too many kids are spoiled these days. I feel terrible that as they get older, they're going to learn that not everything is just handed to them. (I'm a kid, too. But at least I have an idea what's ahead of me.) Sorry if my post is all over the place and messy. I'm tired right now.

Oh, so you're 14? Please, tell me more about how much you know about spoiled children since you are an experienced, mature adult.

mham1732 3

Don't be rude he's expressing his opinion

Oh, and you're 17? Please, tell me how much more mature you are than a 14 year old who expressed a valid observation, with cogitative insight.

189- your profile says you won't stand for bullying or rude comments online. But you were rude yourself. So liar-face, how do you walk with your pants on fire?

foxholeathiest 4

Talking about acting mature and you wrote that post to look mature?

189) Oh, so you're a "nice, friendly girl"? Please, tell me more about how much of an amazing person bullshitting your profile made you. Next time your going to be an asshat, do it somewhere else so we don't have to deal with your fuckery. Please and thank you.

# 189 - The 14 year old sure out did u since u r 17 when comments are compared. was that your attempt at sounding cool cuz u just failed. Sad much?

Tay_racer10 3

189- I never said I was an adult. I actually mentioned in my post that I am still a kid, but I save up for the big things I get. The only electronic device I own myself (and don't have to share, like a game system) that I didn't pay for is my cellphone, which was a gift. And that wasn't even a smart phone or anything. I save up for these things, and I'm fine with that. I'm currently trying to buy an Xbox with my OWN money.

248- Please attempt the speak English, don't just use letters, it makes you look like a fool

Everyone considers a three year old young, right?? Almost everyone would agree that three years isn't much. It's also the difference between you and a 14 year old that contributed to this FML way more than you did. Also, I'm 14 too.

HipsterFox 3

He saved up all his money and he probably can't get another.

1215116a 14

You can't just buy a new one like that, the world doesn't work that way. You need money to buy things, which he already spent.

#43 I meant w/e not we. Clearly, everybody who replied to me is poor and OP probably isn't smart. If you have a brother prone to do things like that, might as well get warranty on your shit.

unknown_user5566 26

69- "Clearly everyone who replied to me is poor"... are you kidding me? Judging by that comment and your profile bio, you are a spoiled asshat. When you become an adult and have to pay for things yourself, then maybe you will value money a little more.

Sorry 69, guess we're all supposed to be loaded aren't we? Cause that's how the world works. Op is probably a teen (not assuming just guessing) so he is probably going to school not focused on a career. Also extra warranty cost more money which op probably didn't have and most of the time warranty doesn't cover water/physical damage.

69 - So, we're poor because we can't afford two iPads in the space of a week? Okay sure, whatever you say, asshole. Besides, for all you know, OP could be like 14 saving up all of her allowances and pocket money. I'm sure there are plenty of people here that have jobs and still can't afford two iPads--I know I can't. Be more considerate.

You all replying to me, makes this website more fun. I guess trolling isn't recognized by most. I already pay for most things, I am not spoiled and have to earn things since I was a kid. But keep it up lol, apparently getting warranty for a crazy brother is a bad idea. nobody saw me write that

93 - Ah, the old 'I was trolling/being sarcastic!' card. Stop back-pedalling and suck it up.

It's cool guys. He's still got a year before his parents introduce him to 'real' life: living on the streets, loading himself up on bath salts, and having a shittier and worse life than us. Cheers

#69 your a asshole for thinking that everyone can afford two iPads in a week! GTFO!

boxbrandon11 20

Time to save for a couple more weeks OP

I hope you got insurance for it. Or does it have an insurance plan? I just assume it does because the iPhones have. Sorry if it doesn't. But I hate parents like that, favors one child more than the older. Buys something that's hundreds of dollar for a 10yrs old kid. Then grounds the elder kid for using her own money to buy herself an iPad?

A little too late to edit, meant to say they grounded her for being angry, especially when the brother threw something she bought with her own money.

61- even if OP had placed insurance on the iPad, the warranty doesn't cover water damage and Apple will NOT replace a product that has been dropped in water. You must buy a new product. My mom worked for customer service at Apple for a while and they get calls for this stuff all the time. I agree with you on the favoritism thing, however. I hate when that happens in families.

notyobabymomma 4

My iPhone has AppleCare insurance and it covers water damage

Inheritance 10

If my family denied to reimburse me with a new iPad I'd probably run away just saying.

122 - Running away just because of a ******* iPad? You must be really ****** spoiled.

I'd take it to the apple store just to see. Doesn't hurt to try and some workers are very generous at those stores.

Then drop it on the floor so it cracks... Then say the brother dropped it and then it fell into the pool or something. Do whatever it takes to get it replace. OR make the parents pay for another. Their fault the brother is so spoiled. And since he got one, OP should have every right to have one as well. Not to mention OP is older and would (probably) make better use of it than a 10yr old would.

nisse_fml 9

The brother definitely needs spanking but OP did write "after saving up for weeks" so it does sound reasonable that she'll need to save for another couple of weeks.

Mioko she didn't ground her for buying the iPad. Reread please!

You reread comments, especially 68, 270.

Then you sir are as bad as OP's brother. Also it never said that she wasn't getting paid back she only got grounded.

Kids these days don't appreciate anything and they think they're so entitled.

1215116a 14

I wouldn't say every kid, but a majority does. My friend's sister got the newest iPod for her birthday. Her 8th birthday. I never even dared ask for something like that, if they exsited, when I was little. I was happy with anything, heck some years I didn't even want to ask for anything, and now some kids go bragging about their new smart phones. I just want to slap their parents.

Kids these days? I'm sure a similar ratio of kids were getting just as spoiled 50 years ago, only with ponies and automobiles, there was just no internet to hear about it.

It's late, and I should be sleeping, but I decided to write a really long comment instead. #6, I don't understand your logic... One kid in this FML saved up for an iPad, and the other was a brat, and somehow you come to the conclusion that kids AS A WHOLE are spoiled? Did you forget the OP? Not to mention the fact that it's not just kids "these days". Older generations love to bash younger generations for being morally decadent. They have for years. What people don't realize is that it's not the generation that's the problem-- it's just that kids in general are a bit psychopathic, teenagers in general are disrespectful, etc. Now, I'm sure someone's going to come along and say "Well, *I* didn't have any of these things when *I* was a child." but isn't the fact that things like phones and iPads are more available to people a sign of progress? You could argue that the first kids to take indoor plumbing for granted were also spoiled... Like the saying goes, every generation sees itself as smarter than the one before it and wiser than the one after it.

I wanted to thumb up your comment 179, but it's too long, I can't click it xD so here's a -thumb up- for you.

lilpanda4 5

Because in my opinion it's true! Ther spoiled little drunk assholes!

Well lilpanda, in my opinion, your opinion shows what an ignorant fucktard you are.

BunchieRules 31

195 - How many 10 year-olds get drunk where you live?

Confuciussay 6

When I was a kid, I'd be lucky to get a birthday cake :c

Kids think they are entitled to everything because parents encourage them to think so... It's all about education. My nephew/nieces have been taught the value of things. They sometimes want things that their parents cannot afford or that they think is not appropriate for them to have yet. They explain it and the kids accept it without throwing tantrums. What is a 10 year old doing with an Ipad? An item that is worth so much money! It's like these pre-teens who have got Iphones or Blackberries as if they were businessmen/women. His reaction does not surprise me if his parents don't see fit to teach him to respect someone else property. Well they will be the sorry ones in the end, because nothing says more "parents failure" than having raised a selfish brat.

Oh give me a break about "kids these days." As if parents didn't think the kids of the 50's were Satan worshipers with their "rock n' roll." And as if parents in the 60s didn't despise their now hippy children. And as if the parents of the 70s didn't think that disco was the end of music. And as if the parents of the 80s didn't think that heavy metal and hair bands were melting their children's brains and the way they dressed was, again, Satanic. And as if parents of the 90s didn't think their children were becoming stupid from playing video games. PARENTS HAVE ALWAYS SAID, "KIDS THESE DAYS."

Lmao, future missing person maker person thingy

BeforeItWasCool 12

OP's name, 38. Do pay a little more attention.

I would throw him in the pool! Totally worth the consequence!

brohamas16 7

It's always the second guy who gets caught

Just like my little sister and I when we were younger!

gavo 8

lil bastard! drown HIM in the pool!

Just a 'little' bit of an overreaction, don't you think?

I feel some people on FML would murder people..... It wouldn't surprise me.

unknown_user5566 26

Lil Bastard? Why are we bringing Doc's kid into this?

I thought 'Lil Bastard' would be a name for his penis, but then again, I think about weird things in my spare time. ... I need to pay closer attention to what I smoke.