By BigBangCheater - 01/04/2012 10:08 - United States - Loves Park

Today, I had my first free night in months. I spent it doing homework and watching TV. I had set my Facebook status to say I was spending time with the boys from The Big Bang Theory, then fell asleep. I woke up later to an angry text from my boyfriend thinking I was cheating on him. FML
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Well, Sheldon could drive any woman to cheat...

Imagine what his reaction would have been if you'd said you'd be spending the night with Two and a Half Men.


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With a reaction like that, he may be having infidelity tendencies.

I disagree #1... if she told him she was going to do homework and watch TV, and then she makes a status saying she is hanging around with some guys he doesn't even know... Then yes, I think he was fair to assume she was cheating. Edit: To clarify, I am assuming she didn't write "Spending time with the guys from Big Bang Theory" but that she wrote "Spending time with *lists names*" Still, if he didn't know what the Big Bang Theory was (he could have guessed it was a band or something?) then it's still a fair reaction?

^I have a feeling this guy might have over-analyzed this, just a LITTLE bit.

Haha, I just like to make my point clear so that people don't think I'm an idiot ;) Unless they do anyway of course.

It restores my faith in humanity to see that so many people watch the all time best show ever invented.

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Explain to him. Not that hard.

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Agreed! Sad he doesn't know...are you sure you're suited for one another?

57- You're suggesting that since they don't share the same interest in television programs they're not right for each other?

57 - It's The Big Bang Theory. Of course that determines if they're right for eachother...

Well, Sheldon could drive any woman to cheat...

Not as much as Raj. Nobody can resist a brown dude with a kickass accent and a tendency to piss under stress.

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Yeah but Raj can't even talk to women. What I don't get is why Penny likes Leonard. Sheldon is definitely my favorite. Penny *knock knock. Penny *knock knock. Penny

I like the penny-blossom episode where Penny gives Sheldon coffee, then he's running around in The Flash suit yelling "zoom, zoom."

Good LORD how you frustrate me, Leonard Hofstadter!

Don't engage in coitus with other people OP... -____-

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Mmmm Leonard's the perfect man

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Yourheadache 19

Soft kitty warm kitty, little ball of fur, happy kitty sleepy kitty. Pur! Pur! Pur!

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The "big bang" part confused him

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Looks like he isn't as bright as he seemed to be…

Aw poor boyfriend xD at least her cares enough to be angry. He might not have read the status right, or you might have phrased it badly. Either that, or he's joking. Or he's stupid.

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He probably watches too much **** and thought you were referring the "The Gang Bang Theory." Innocent mistake.

lol they had a marathon run of the big bang theory today in my's awesome.I love big bang theory..and Jim parsons and kunal nayyar and Simon and kayle and Howard..and chuck too.