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Today, my boyfriend took me on a romantic weekend away at a hotel. What is he doing now? On his computer looking up stuff on Craigslist while I am watching t.v. alone. FML
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fat_snooki_lol 6

but you're presumably on your phone telling us. WTF

I know how you feel... I spent a bunch of money to fly out to see my girl for vacation. I was hanging out on the bed... she was sitting in a chair or reading a book. That's great... I love spending hundreds of dollars to watch tv in a hotel. FYL :(


haha, atleast u have a tv. Anyway.. first :D

stop ur bitchiness op u can't expect a guy to always b with you... give the man some space huh also y the **** can't u go over there and do something with him I hate it when chicks expect the guys to do all the lovey dovey shit

well he paid so he can do what ever he wants, if she wants to be with him then she should pay

Quit living in the 50's you ungrateful bitch.

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he posted an fml earlier about how he took his girl on a romantic trip

Malinkrot 3

99% of the time a guy says "ungrateful bitch" here, it is because they are lonely, hideous, obese male teenage virgins who spend more time on the computer than with actual people, so they have a distorted view of the real world and of women, and think that all women are bitches. they don't know what real life is like and don't understand that not every female is like a contestant on Flavor of Love. in real life they get rejected repeatedly because of their terrible social skills and disgusting appearence, so they use the internet as their outlet to bitch about women and feel better about their shitty lives. they try to be ballsy on the internet because in real life, they are the pathetic ones.

^ Someone get this guy a medal and a huge cash grant. I want to hear more sense like this around here.

Ah... no sweetie. you too are on an Internet messge board posting shit just like him.

Uh, are you replying to me or the guy I'm nominating for a Nobel Prize? >_>

Malinkrot, you say that so much it's lost all meaning. (Seriously though, every post I've read by you is pretty much the same as your #62 here with slightly different wording. It's getting pretty obsessive. Are you bitter over getting dumped by a WoW player or something?)

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that's a relationship fail. I hate the word fail...especially epic fail..makes me sound lyk sumone who plays runescape...

I'm glad I don't live in a world where I'm expected to pay for other people. How easy it must be to tag along and tell someone else it's their job to pay.

Which is nice and dandy, but it needs to be pointed out that the boyfriend yanked her out to purposely take her on the trip - in which case, he should pay for it. Not because he's a man, but because he is the one that wanted to treat her. If it was the other way around, it'd be expected that she pay.

apfluxx, the '50s may be an exaggeration but you're certainly not living in the present. When one partner wants to take the other out, the one that does the asking should pay. Now that women have financial equality (in civilized parts of the world, anyway), expecting a man to always pay is just blatant, unmasked greed.

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Can dbcheeseburger get a "making the most sense" medal too?

Wow, at first I thought you were kind of a troll, but it looks like you actually believe this shit. Let me take you to the definition of greed: "An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves". The only way you could possibly argue that expecting men to always pay for dates is not greedy is if you believe that females are inherently more deserving than men, just by virtue of their gender.

@apfluxx and that is why you are now single =) although I agree the guy should pay most of the time in no way should they always pay. heck to me it sounds like you are more of a gold digger than anything else.

Gee, thanks for giving me a whole two hours to respond. God forbid I have anything to do. -.- Quick correction, I said I thought you were a troll initially, but was mistaken. Don't twist my words. Anyway, society is far from patriarchal in 2010. Once again, I urge you to join us in the modern world. Women hold just as much power and responsibility as men. Maybe the U.S. president hasn't been a woman yet, but it's a matter of individuality now and not legality or even society. "A date" is a world of difference away from "dates" in general like you were trying to spout earlier. They add up. Dating is NOT pocket change, and the burden should not have to fally completely on either individual. I don't know why you keep going back to how you were raised. Is that infallible to you? Does that inherently make it right? **** no. And neither does popular opinion. But the most shocking phrase... It is "expected" of the man to "take care" of women? Are you ******* nuts? That's EXACTLY the kind of sexist mindset that feminism (actual, equality-based feminism, not the ball-stomping kind) has been working for decades to abolish. Congratulations on being part of the reason that "get back to the kitchen" and "make me a sammich" jokes are still popular.

Whoa, Jebus... we're getting into novels here... but I'm not even going to bother answering most of those, because we've finally found the backpedal! #115: "I didn't say that it should have to be." #116: "Did I say that it was right? No." vs. #86: "I simply said that the man should pay for dates," ...and here's the kicker... #37: "He is a shitty boyfriend if he doesn't pay, plain and simple." ...Checkmate. (For anyone watching at home, here's the TL;DR of her argument: Went from saying men SHOULD pay for dates, and make for shitty boyfriends if they don't, to saying that it's expected by society but not that it's right) Here's a tip: You can't gradually change your argument on a site that won't let you edit your earlier comments, lol. The proof is right there. Were you hoping I didn't notice or something? You'll probably try to put something past me if you don't yet realize that I've been watching for this kind of shit all along. Oh, I know. "I didn't express myself properly." Is that what you'll go with? Or will it be "You've somehow misinterpreted my blatant greed"? Either way, I look forward to it.

I think women who get offended about kitchen an sammich jokes are idiots and hate the whole feminist mindset that says it's "degrading". I agree with most of what Aflux said about the man paying for a date because most of the time it's the GUY trying to impress the female, not the other way around. That's not to say that I wouldn't pay for dates, but personally, I feel that as far as the first couple of dates go, the male pays. I've never been on a first couple of dates that the guy doesn't pay. They are trying to impress me. I also have male friends that refuse to let me pay because they feel that a woman shouldn't pay, so I guess not every male feels that way. Luckily, I don't have to worry about dating anymore since I'm engaged, but I don't think that things have changed THAT much in the past six years... 

Well, whatever... this one's off the front page now so off my "follow" list it goes. It's been fun. No hard feelings and all that.

Holy shit. That was the longest Interwebs Argument I have EVER SEEN. You are both extremely dedicated, perhas suspiciously so. Either way, you both get 1 GiganTron Five for your dedication.

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lol she always does that and loses every arguement...I had put her in her place once myself

You're the biggest duchelord ever!! Its called a "Romantic Getaway" for a reason. To do romantic shit. So don't bitch because youve neer has someone pay attention to you.

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Just grab his nuts and start sucking on it.

hmmm. not usually one to do this but first. and aw to bad OP :(

epic fail man that's what you get for trying to write first bish

shitbrix 0

failure #2 and tell him to get off his lazy ass and take u to dinner

yep. fail by me... sad face. won't try that again anytime soon

haha...thts okaii mann! I did tht too:$ not exactly the coolest thing ever!

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You guys can't be ****** every minute of the day geezy, get over it

it's romantic getaway why shouldn't they be together every minute of the day? it should be a series of early nights and long mornings, and having each other for lunch :P

noobgang7 5

lol maybe he's buying something for op :)

OP, strip naked and give him a lap dance... I'm sure he'll forget all about craigslust , trust me it works all the time;)

soozjw 2

Looks like he started off with good intentions

just cause they dont needa be ******* doesnt mean he cant spend time with her

fat_snooki_lol 6

but you're presumably on your phone telling us. WTF

aDropOfSunshine 2

Maybe he was checking out the personals for a new girl...

Apparently you guys don't have a clue as to what romance is!

You know, there's this thing that some couples are into now. I think it's called "sex". You should suggest it to him. I hear guys aren't really into it, but with any luck, maybe you can convince him.

It really takes the romance out of it if she has to spell it out for her boyfriend. Hey dumbass.. get off the computer and get with your GIRL.

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It's a special, high-tech hotel. They're providing a simulation of married life. (P.S. If he proposes, be prepared to live like this :/)

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Put his dick in a box~ Idk anymore :(