By foops - 02/02/2014 21:50 - United Kingdom

Today, my dogs freaked out and started getting violent because they thought the sound of my vibrator was the other's growling. FML
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Or they thought it was a pussy purring?

colton_colton 49

Maybe they're trying to tell you something


colton_colton 49

Maybe they're trying to tell you something

They're saying that masturbating is fucking gross and bad for you.

SuckMeBeautifu1 24

46... Whats wrong with you

Why would OP use the vibrator in front of her dogs anyway? I hope she was just testing if it works, otherwise that's just weird as fuck...

Doesn't have to be in front of them. Dogs have good hearing, it just needs to be in the same house.

#61 "weird as fuck" I like that.

i dont get how its weird... its not like they understand it. its different if op gets off on it though tbh.

79... you seriously don't feel slightly weird when you're naked around your pets? I feel really awkward whenever my cat stares at me while I'm naked after a shower/changing or w.e Not that OP was necessarily naked or fully naked, but still o.O

88 - You're not really the Alpha in the house until you can stare your pets down while buck naked and dripping!

I don't get being uncomfortable being naked in front of animals. They're always naked, how do you think they feel? :p

Or they thought it was a pussy purring?

im sure there was a pussy purring in that room if the dogs didnt completely ruin the occasion ;p

JMichael 25

Oh I'm sure they ruined the occasion.

tazmanmike2013 17

Great comment! One of the best puns I've read in here yet, lol

Wasn't a pun..

Why would you use it with the digs in the room? sick

Hey, holes are sexy. Wait...

why, its not like other people are there , its dogs

EmeraldRarity 8

maybe shes into dogs, Just kiidding

mrz1177 11

maybe they're jealous you get some action and they don't ;)

SarahSehhati 40

New chew toy!!!!!

Nickb55 16

Dogs don't like pussies ;)

Due to your winky face I understand..

IAmNotAnAnimal 9

They sell those?

My ex boyfriends dog tried to eat my vibrator. Then ate all of my pants and panties... I'd choose the growling and fighting any day lol

your ex is a good dog trainer

Goblin182 26

When I first read your post, I read your ex boyfriend ate your vibrator. I thought, Damn!. Then I realized I just need more coffee.

GingerRoot 13

I had that same issue.... Was VERY annoying!

My god what is with everyones boyfriends and eating vibrators i heard of kinks but danm is that extreme

I came very close to killing his dog after I realized that he ate $300 worth of pants an panties. I made my ex replace it all.

Yeah, they're called dildos.

Maybe have your dogs sleep in a different room?