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Today, while cuddling with my boyfriend, he got up and said he needed to go home because he was tired and just wanted to relax and watch TV. That's what we were doing. FML
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It's simple, he wanted to fap. No need to overthink this OP.

iAmPaul 49

He just wanted some alone time, simple as that.


#1: Dude was probably just tired and wanted some alone time. Ever had a girlfriend try to get you to watch "Say Yes to the Dress" or some other vacuous wedding bullshit? Lots of us guys would rather pull our own teeth.

Meowdisen 15

I wouldn't worry too much about this. As someone who is an introvert, I can tell you that wanting to be alone is not saying you don't love that person. Being alone is very therapeutic to some people, and "recharges their energy" so to speak.

No, you were not doing that. You were cuddling, which to a man means 'foreplay'. He was not in the mood for sex, and you just didn't get it.

flowerpowergirl 10

cuddling really doesn't have to mean foreplay

Don't be discouraged by the downvotes, #29! I gave you a thumbs up!

Maybe the cuddling turned him on too much and he had to go home to give himself some "special attention".

fxxth 16

Awhhhh I'm sorry! I know how that feels. Maybe he wasn't in the best mood. Just try talking to him and asking if he's okay...if he was just trying to be a jerk..get him back xD

#2: Any advice that includes, "Get back at him," is usually bad advice.

acerredrum 23

"Get back at him" 95% of the time is terrible advice. As for OP's boyfriend, I can sympathise. I am an introvert which means there is basically a limit on how much social interaction I am comfortable with. I'm lucky enough to have a husband who completely understands when I say, "I need to go be alone now." If I push myself and force myself to be social when I need to leave I become emotionally drained, grumpy, and if it is particularly bad like say, a party, I can even have an anxiety attack.

He was probably just being subtle and trying to tell you his other girlfriend was waiting.

Where the **** did you get that idea? Maybe op's boyfriend just needed some alone time, all guys need that, even I need that, every human being needs at least a little bit of alone time, it's normal

Your company was not wanted that's for sure!

graphicstyle7 17

Many possibilities here, some are probably painful to think about. The only way you can know for sure? Ask him directly, let him know you won't be a drama queen when you know the truth (and then don't be a drama queen) and ask him what was up. Sometimes, even if you really like someone and care for them, a person needs their own space. Or... sometimes, it's hard for one person to say the relationship is over. You need to talk to him.

Goblin182 26

There was probably something coming on TV that he wanted to watch and new she wouldn't watch it so he went home to watch it. You know, we are a pretty simple lot, don't try to read a lot into this.

chlorinegreen 27

Option 1: He just wanted to go home wind down have some dinner and passout before another work day. Code for I just want to be in my own home. Option 2: if he usually stays the night but that night for some particular reason he wanted to go home. I would worry. Option 3: he was being courteous by taking a large freakin dump in his own home instead of stinking up your whole house. He was just being shy about it.

Even option 2 I wouldn't worry too much about, unless it is happening semi-often. Sometimes people just need space, or have a busy day etc planned and need proper rest. Otherwise, spot on #28! Good to see someone gets it :)

Is it just me, or does OP seem like the type of girlfriend that thinks that their boyfriend needs to do everything with them, and over reacts at the smallest things? I'm getting that vibe.

It's simple, he wanted to fap. No need to overthink this OP.

Maybe he can't relax around you because he is worried about impressing you all the time? I would talk to him about it. :)

iAmPaul 49

He just wanted some alone time, simple as that.

exactly people just read way too much into things. there's nothing wrong with wanting to relax in the comfort of your own home.

Talk to him before stressing about 'other girlfriends' or 'not wanting to be around you'. Could just be he's an introvert and needed some time alone. I love my partner, but as an introvert I sure as hell need time by myself - was worse when we were just 'dating', as you're constantly trying to make sure you don't mess up around the other person. Talk this one through before jumping to too many FML conclusions. ;)

Being an introvert or not doesn't even come into this, everyone needs space at some point.

Where did I say otherwise? Was merely giving one logical explanation, as opposed to the knee-jerk reactions of "Zomg, he wanted to leave, he's obviously cheating/hates you/wants to break up, dump him!"

Tie him to the couch and make him watch with you. No but seriously he probably feels more comfortable at home lol espically if u guys just recently got together