By hornyloser770 - 01/03/2010 02:15 - France

Today, I had just finished riding my bike when I ran into the girl I am secretly in love with. While I walked over to her I got an erection through my spandex biking shorts. FML
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mama2b3 20

YDI for wearing spandex biking shorts.

Raiden353 0

did she like it?


redettechick 0

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im2good25 0

how did u get an erection so fast? was she naked?

redshortsx 0

you got a boner just by looking at her? was she doin something kinky? or are you just fucking weird?

there goes the "secret"

not such a fukin secret now wonder if she reads fml lol if she does

tweetbaby14 18

and that's why no one likes those damned shorts

pepper3434 0

Er... If I was her, uh, I'd be freaked out, and move far FAR away from you...

hey! we can't help it! she should be flattered!

I bet mines bigger

Horney4her69 0

I got an erection just reading this fml.

ydi for wearing spandex lol

that'll teach you to wear spandex shorts again, ya weirdo

killerviral 0

u have no fucking control my girlfriend can do the most sexiest stuff and I can tame the beast

64 is right under no circumstances should a man wear spandex

blitzen123 0


it's just an erection - are u 12?

kally2010 0

if your gonna wear spandex why not wear another pair over them ?? it's like girls and sports bras except we wear t shirts over them !

kcyrusm 0

You sir are an idiot. Wearing something over it defeats the purpose of wearing the spandex in the first place. It's for aero dynamics. Aren't spandex really tight? How was this guy able to even pitch a tent?

when i was younger, a camp leader at a camp i went to got an erection when we had "spandatory mandex (mandatory spandex)" night. it was lol but nasty

shame on you for wearing spandex

op gets turned on too easily. i feel bad for the girl,. awkwarrdd.

well I'm sorry but you never had a chance if you apprached her wearing spandex shorts so it's just as well.

VIRGIN!!!! that's the only way ud get hard so quickly

and now she saw how big his dick was I bet she laughed lol

Meggxo 0

forreal doesn't take much 4 him! ahhha

why were you wearing spandex bikini shorts?

kjhowse 0

how did yu get hard... way to control it buddy

drilher244 0

what kinda queer wears spandex biker shorts? really!!!

Kureeziineko 3

80 is a sexist.

it's not sexist if you just don't want to see the guys balls through his pants all the time.

u guys are retarded. when ur a boy from 11 to teens u can get hard from just looking at a girl u like. u can't control it

sk8rchick97 0

L-O-S-E-R whos the loser?? U ARE!!(:

hailey8D 0


FYLDeep 25

....I got an erection in my shorts and then as she said "Hello", I jizzed in my pants.

this really never happens you can take my word, I won't apologize that's just absurd, mainly your fault for the way that you dance and now I...

next day my alarm goes off an I jizzed Iny pants.

Raiden353 0

did she like it?

That's what I would like to know!

mama2b3 20

YDI for wearing spandex biking shorts.

GodBarack 5

Agreed ^

ringmybell_fml 0

#36... damn :)

whats damn about 36?

Agreed, #4, agreed. Real men ride naked!

on bikes AND in the bedroom!

sakinxdevil 0

agreeeed... and plus I believe you had a crush. Not " in love"

donttreadonme1 0

at 86 so u ride fully clothed

lakaiskate 12

he's infatuated

86- LOLS ! ^_^ & in my opinion, spandex only works if you're Superman

jdomfml 0

fuck her in the street bro!!

^^^^ this^^^^

mama2b3 20

YDI for wearing spandex biking shorts.

you win for being word for word with #4

Rickymonkeypants 0

he is the same person as #4

TheBreaKer_fml 0

its the same guy bro

You should have played it off and said the boner was from the bike seat jammed up your crack. She wouldn't think you're a wierdo then!

Asstazztic 8

I bet she got hard too except you couldn't see it ;) lol

LTMcleod 0

we call that being wet. :)

purplemnm 9

thanks captain obvious, for pointing out the obvious even though when I already got the joke you had to point out the obvious and ruin the joke which was funny because of the obvious and you had to go point out the obvious point again becoz you're captain obvious. oh btw you're an obvious I'm captain obvious!!!

quikwit1212 0

And the word obvious was just said about 15 times...

nice attempt at trying to be funny. FAIL

purplemnm 9

I wasn't trying to be funny, that my dear was a rant against people who state the obvious

titenite88 0

I love how purple's description on her profile says that she is a grammar Nazi yet she still refused to use correct punctuation. Hmmm...contradiction?

titenite88 0

Oh, and she said "becoz." I'm sorry but I can't handle this much fail in one place...

Go home, purplemnm, you're drunk

Not a secret anymore.

BrownSugar_fml 5

So did she say "what's up?"

haha i get it lol