By anonymous - 21/02/2010 15:16 - United States

Today, I was checking out a gorgeous woman in spandex with beautiful flowing long black hair on the treadmill at the gym. I spent a few minutes just watching her body move and ripple under the material. She turned off the treadmill and got off, only for me to find out that it was a guy. FML
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blackcats31 0

could you not see anything through the spandex? =|

It takes some guts to admit that to the world xD


I have wasted the first comment. WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?!

1800getalife 0

wow u deserve it for checking out Venus and serinus

Ajjas013 6

#1 is going to hell.

GR3453m0nk3y 4

hahahah i saw the page and the comments section was just Gone i was like WTF!? lol

greeneyedgoalie7 0

hahaha @4 agreed(:

number 4, right on :)

bleedinginside 0


Melly14398 0

wow. really??!!

AngryNinja 1

ydi for trying to creep some chick out, op. maybe you should observe your own rippling muscles with your hand. or maybe tarzan can help you out.

#86 ur just jealous nobody chechs u out

*checks* that was a fail i know

I know this is annoying and I apologize, but can someone please tell me how to add a pic to my profile from the iPhone. I would truly appreciate. thanks fellow FMLers.

you have to do it on a computer it doesn't work on iPhone/touch

Ajjas013 6

Yeah, you can't do it from the mobile version.

I had a feeling that was the case. thanks for the clarification.

Now would be a good time to come out of the closet.

kellybby8650 4

haha faggot

Ajjas013 6

No, I don't own a cross.

agree with #4

Well, you kind of deserve it for being a freaky pervert...

1zinzanzin 0

lol if it's a girl then it's long flowery black hair if it's a guy it would be long thick greasy hair

@59 maybe he was Shaun white's brother?

cowgod 0

:) I still have three billion gods cuz I'm Hindu

chloe2114 4

reply to #113. I hav a profile pic on my iPod 4 PO dude ...PO

That sounds like the title for an Amon Amarth song.

millz2995 0


agree with phara

pipp360 0

that makes you hay

MXavierT 0

Atleast you didn't make a move on him.

Zhombie 0

#4 Doesn't realize that there is no hell. Or god, for that matter. =]

KingDingALing 9

this can only mean one thing OP...YOU ARE COMPLETELY GAY!!! xD

isreal 0

u r a gay bastard had do u get a guy mixed up wit a girl

TheBreaKer_fml 0

who the fuck is serinus?

shawno001 0


#86 stop being a bitch!! go give ur dad a blow job u whore

Hershey that was uncalled for but it made me laugh so u are win

AngryNinja 1

185, my dad's dead.. so thanks for that.

DllnBro 0

u know what this means right? this means ur a flaming homo. congratulations... fag!

That guy spends too much time in a woman's hair salon. Probably the spa too.

supastarr 0

congrats you are now gay, you had to come out of tha closet sumtime right?

jsusfreek927 0

you'll see. when Jesus comes to call all God's children home. every follower of Christ shall ascend and the ones that remain will suffer literal hell on earth. I hope you open your mind a little bit and realize how wrong you are.

neonblue120 6

lol there isn't one

first clue that u might be gay lol

is it more or are you umm fat? no offense just curious Maby it's way looking 

how the hell do you mistake a guy for a girl?

You chose your name perfectly.

pepper3434 0

That's just disturbing on so many levels...

Horney4her69 0


whitley1031 0

thats an FHL, why does he look like a hot girl?!? u dont deserve anything :P

hahaha ur gay

i agree... when i saw that my first reaction was... EW

maybe he isn't straight.

LemonMan 0

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Ajjas013 6

*Kicks balls hard enough to cause a fabric in space* *Stares at black hole where balls used to be*

PurpleSquirrel 0

religious much?

Another perdix win! I think this one may be one of his best ever!

You're obviously attracted to him. Go bang him. Number 1 wins.

pitbullmom 0

lol maybe you could check him out in the locker's ok to experiment ;)

xx_kaelen_xx 0

bahahahaha I agree with #117.

MMM look at her fat rippling and those CHEEKS crashing together like a symphony of cymbals... OH WAIT, ITS A GUY ...must kill self.

blackcats31 0

could you not see anything through the spandex? =|

Ajjas013 6

Yeah, didn't you see his candies?

Sun_Kissed18 25

It was through the back, lol, what bulging gender characterists appear on your back?

Ajjas013 6

I think boobies are on the back.

Ajjas013 6

Pendatic, while you were out: Balls rolled down the hill.

maybe his candies were positioned in such a way that he had camel toe.

orangesodaftw 0

haha ydi

I'm guessing you didn't get her number? I mean his* :)

"Dude looks liek a lady!"

Ajjas013 6

That's what she said :)

Dont_Explain 3

You ruined it, well done.

That's what you said!

are you homosexual or something?

I would say no just because he's complaining about it being a dude. if op was a homosexual he'd be complaining about it actually being a chick