By crabmunch15 - 09/09/2012 05:38 - United States - Victorville

Today, I snuck out to go see my girlfriend. When I got to her house, I left my bike out front and we went on a nice walk around the block. We passed a homeless-looking woman going the opposite way. About ten minutes later, the same woman passed us, on my bike. FML
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lenamartinovic 13

Why didn't you lock your bike? YDI in so many ways.

Perhaps she was..."two tired"


lenamartinovic 13

Why didn't you lock your bike? YDI in so many ways.

It's possible that he did and she just picked the lock.

Skill increases to 16???

Why didn't you knock her off your bike is the best question.

@7 She could have just broke the lock. She is homeless and wouldn't care about picking it.

It's not really an FML unless you didn't call her out on that shit.

OP's bike was stolen. How is it only bad if he told the lady it was his bike? -__-

No kiddin 15. Was that homeless lady entitled to his bike? I DON'T FUCKIN THINK SO

17- relax! No need to get your panties in a twist.

DreBeezy 9

But, he didn't call her out on it ._____. So it still counts as an FML, right?

Why did you have to sneak out? Are you not allowed to just leave your house?

I don't know ....maybe he is still living with his parents and has a curfew?

Could also be grounded and not aloud to leave the house.

Any responsible parent gives their child a curfew.

Perhaps she was..."two tired"

OP should get a grip and handle the situation properly. BTW I wheely hate these puns. Everyone should just put a brake on them.

Same here, especially when those puns are as weak as this shit. "Two tired" my ass, gayest shit ever.

guess you didn't notice 16's puns either 18?

Trix_Disorder 20

My God 41, try and take commenting on FMLs MORE seriously. I mean, I agree with the pun bit, but some of your regulars are a bit fanatical. Take a step back.

Trix_Disorder 20

*you Whoops. Missed the edit window.

Trix_Disorder 20

I've seen plenty of fights on here; please don't assume. Been coming to this site for some time. They're almost all equally pointless and ridiculous, as are most squabbles on the internet. Just trying to offer some perspective. You're in the comments section of a website for heaven's sake.

Trix_Disorder 20

I'm just fairly certain he won't be coming back to read your comments, as most newbies don't practice returning to conversations. That's just my experience, though. Understand where your coming from.

Seems hypocritical....

Trix_Disorder 20

Hah, looks like mods deleted some comments here? Interesting; didn't know they took those sort of liberties.

Is this the cue for what's his name to put his shades on and for that song to start playing? >_>

zero91 4

why on earth did you leave your bike keys behind?

Maybe he he was talking about a regular bike, not a motorcycle.

Ins0mau 20

If he's young enough to have to "sneak" out, he probably has a bicycle with pedals, not a key.

KiddNYC1O 20

Lmao. I don't know why but I don't think that someone who owns a badass motorcycle has to sneak out of anywhere.

Merylwen 24

How can you be silly enough not to understand he said bike for "bicycle"?

Bicycle keys. Genius.

Always lock your bike dude, even if it's a nice neighbourhood...

Trix_Disorder 20

This reminds me of people not locking their dorm rooms in college. Better to be safe than sorry.

Why would people not lock their dorm rooms? That seems like a very bad idea. OP, you should have locked your bike up. But I wish you luck explaining how your bike disappeared because you weren't supposed to be taking it out. So much for the secret sneak out.

Trix_Disorder 20

60 - Honestly, your guess is as good as mine. Laziness? Assuming your roomie would do it? Assuming that the other people you live with (or visit the dorm) are lawful good? People kept doing it, though, because their stuff kept getting stolen.

My first night in my college dorm room, someone picked my lock and opened the door just enough to see sitting on my bed. They freaked out and ran off but I started hiding my valuables and taking my laptop to every class with me.

Whistlee 8

There is such thing as LOCKING a bike. Just saying.

There is such a thing as reading the comments before posting something that has already been said.

I hope you let the police know as well as us.

The fuck are they going to do? I bet you think the cops will save you if someone breaks into your house as well right?

Justin, I don't think you understand just how much cops help society. In this case, they could probably recover the bike fairly quickly.

55 - I take it you've had a bad experience with the authorities.

I'm sure watching your bike being stolen was really grinding your 'gears'. :D

iamabamf 17

Well it got more up votes than your comment, sooo...

DeadxManxWalking 27

Could have put it in your girlfriend's house or backyard or something