By itsnotyouitsme - United States - San Francisco
Today, after breaking up with my boyfriend of 2 years, I was backing out of his driveway when he came running out yelling "STOP!" I thought he wanted to make up so I kept going, until I'd run over his dog. FML
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  oomph_fml  |  25

She could've just locked her doors if she was worried about him talking to her or worse. I don't blame her since it was an accident but definitely take this as a lesson to stop regardless.

  joshszz_fml  |  27

She broke up with him, then ran over his dog because she made an assumption that he wanted to patch up. I live across the world and have no idea who either of them are, but I'm already feeling sad for her ex.


I agree, OP is being selfish and feeling sorry for herself when it's 100% her fault. The only follow up I need is if the dog is ok, I don't give a damn about OP's feelings about the situation or anything of that sort.

By  RockyG92  |  15

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  brownapple  |  22

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  Theuser12  |  4

To be honest I think running over a kid is far worse than running over a dog. Say what you will but I think that to humans human lives especially a childs life should be more valuable than another animals. Also, if you are that kids parent you probably would've preferred to lose your dog than your child.

  cheeeksss  |  29

10, so I guess the next time you step on an ant I should call you a murderer? Since "lives are lives"
Plus, that wasn't even the point of the comment. The point is that it could have been worse. So no matter what, if someone is yelling at you to stop, you should stop.


I have to agree with #10. Life is life, humans aren't more important just because we ourselves are humans. And just FYI, I never step on ants because I always do my best to make sure that I don't harm them.

  Unenunciable  |  14

Also, #10 and 52, you're forgetting an incredibly important point: social ties. If a dog dies, maybe it will be really terrible for the owner, but usually they can move on eventually. It's not like a pack of dogs is going to miss their dead "friend" forever. If a kid dies, on the other hand! I mean, entire extended families and friends can be traumatized by that, and sometimes people never get over it and it tears their souls or families apart. I'm just saying, regardless of individual animal VS human life's "worth", I think it's important to realize that grief over losing a child takes a whole other dimension.

  xXDemonWolfXx  |  13

I won't say that humans aren't necessarily more important than animals but my pets are more important to me than some random kid yeah I'll try to save him but I won't care nearly as much.

  ismedrage  |  17

You care about a fucking dog that lives 15 years more then a child who may actually amount to something in life, I like my pets and it is true I would grief over a pet more then a random kid but I would care more that a child died then my pet

By  EwahWeeWah  |  21

That's horrible, and you are too. If a person says stop, don't instantly assume stuff and ignore them. I hope his dog is alive and that you'll pay for its recovery bills if so.