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You should probably watch where you're going next time. On the bright side, at least she noticed you?

Great way to "break" the ice


You should probably watch where you're going next time. On the bright side, at least she noticed you?

But now he can take her to the hospital and show her how much he cares! :)

Oh no! Everything happens go a reason. Hopefully, you can turn this around and make yourself look awesome. Try taking care of her until her foot is better. Good luck OP.

Now you can tell her you'll buy her a nice dinner to make up for it. This is a great opportunity!

#35 thumbs up for Legend of Korra Dp. :)

Even better, she most certainly didn't run away!

Cellophane, Mr Cellophane Should've been my name

Noticed him for sure! Hey, he could so use this as an "icebreaker", calling to see how she is doing and what not. Maybe it just might work to both of they're advantages!

Am I the only one wonder how he ran over her foot with a TRUCK? Why would she be standing so close to a truck, and yet only had her FOOT, not feet but foot, ran over? I'm quite lost here.

That is not how you "get close" to someone

And that kids is how i met your mother

Did anyone notice that he said he's secretly LOVED her for years and she's never noticed him? That's so creepy.

Exactly my thoughts - If she's never noticed him, they've obviously never spoken. If they've never spoken, how on EARTH can OP be "in love"?!?!?

Oo..ouch. FHL

See,when you get the courage,you'll be amazed at how brave you can be.

#34 Uh what?

That'll be a funny story to tell at your wedding. "hey honey remember ......"

Wtf who said they were gonna get married ? She Didn't even know who he was until OP ran over her foot !?

It's like the beginning of a romantic comedy of some sort.

Yep, I'm sure they are getting married now! -.-

8: It's a theoretical joke, if they get married they could laugh about it. 3: "Remember that time I had to run over your foot for you to even notice me?"

#32 Don't explain humor to the peasant folk. Then the comments go from "Thaz maik no senses, ur dummy face" to "I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE".

Great way to "break" the ice

And at least now OP can wait on her hand and foot.

Something was broken, but it definitely wasn't the ice. :P

.... Never gonna run over or desert yoouuu!

Maybe not broken ice, but I bet she's gonna need some now.

Not the only thing broke

At least she noticed you, right??

I apologize I did not fully read 1's comment, and did not mean to copy him.

Wait wait wait. I have the words "miss" and "Mae" in my name, my profile picture is me and my gender is "female". Why am I referred to as "him"?!

Even though potatoes have many eyes, they can not see.

^As an avid potato eater I can confirm this.

They do tend to scream when you bite into them. It's most disheartening.

Try not to run anyone else over. Or their limbs

I don't think that's how you want her to notice you.

Yeah, maybe running her over with a scooter would've been cuter...

1-You don't say

It is an equal partnership, right? For your sake, I hope she's driving a small car.

It was his car that ran over her foot

Next time, 9, please attempt to read the FML before commenting.

9 would be referring to a one for one exchange, wherein op would have his foot run over by her car in retribution.

(redundant comment removed)

At least she can't use it to kick your ass.

should have noticed you earlier maybe she could have moved out of the way in time haha