By Tommy - 06/03/2012 18:55 - United States

Today, I approached the girl I like, hoping to ask her out. Just as I strode up to her, she excused herself as quickly as she could. I then realized I'd forgotten to zip up my pants after going to the bathroom minutes before. FML
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I don't even know what that means. ... Nobody knows what it means! But it's provocative: it get's the people going!

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She was just greatly overcome with emotion that she had to leave...DUH

I think everyone except for you knows what xyz means.

Hollandiscrazy knows what it means. He was just watching the throne.

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To the FML: " I was strode up to her," ? I think the 'was' can be removed.

I know guy who leave it open on purpose, because they think it's kool. O.o ****** up shit

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Hollandiscrazy- I love that beat.

16- Blades of Glory reference?!? HECK YES!

At least you approached her! I can't approach my crush without fainting. :(

Is it a coincidence that OP is from virginia and he is a virgin?

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U should switch that around cause sometimes ull zip up something and lye on the floor shaking

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No matter how you shake and dance, the last two drops go on your pants.

Why would she walk away just because of that??

Depends on if he goes comando or not

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exactly! forgetting to zip your pants isn't unusual and I'm sure she's done it before in her lifetime. that's not really a real reason to walk away from somebody..

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To avoid bursting out laughing in his face

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Thats ok.. A little sneak peak of whats to come if she says "yes".

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Maybe she couldn't hold in her ******? Just trying to make OP feel better.

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She what?? O.O... Duh. *face palm*

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Maybe the sneak peak was very little and that's why she ran away :s

Toodle doodle! Didn't wanna see your noodle!

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Maybe she walked away cause it was so big that she thought she was gonna have a heart attack

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Straight to the point, very classy

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Your very attractive, just saying. And damn that sucks this situation is embarrassing

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#88 What does this have to do with Nazi's??

I hope you didn't pick that day to go commando.

Which day is it ever a good day to go commando?

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Next time look down before you group to the girl you like

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Grouping people is not nice :)

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Wow, dumb phone I meant "go up" thanks for pointing that out. I wouldn't of noticed !(:

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Nothing says love at first sight like a guy running towards a girl with his junk hanging out of the trunk! Maybe you should zip up if you want to flip her cup? Because when you open the hatch, she closes her snatch.

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Your junk don't hang out your trunk.

(trunks are either shorts or swimming suits)