By Unloved. - 15/09/2009 10:09 - New Zealand

Today, I had dinner with my family in celebration of my 19th Birthday. I've been hinting that I need a new laptop for months now and I was sure my family had bought me one. I have got a pair of slipper socks. FML
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Well slipper socks ARE awesome. Fact is you are nineteen, expecting expensive birthday presents from your parents and being a little brat when you don't get one is very immature. You're an adult, go buy one yourself.


LOL reminds of the movie "The Ref" Mother-in-law "Who the hell do you think you are?" Daughter-in- law "Slipper socks, medium!"

YDI for being spoiled. Get a job and buy your own laptop

@ #22 i agree.. its not that hard to go get a job at like mcdonalds or something and work for 2-4weeks to get a laptop... really just go out and apply, not that hard... YDI big time

"unloved"? because your parents didn't buy you a laptop for your birthday? holy shit, you seriously need to grow the **** up.

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Man don't you feel entitled... My family didn't buy me a laptop for my birthday in this economy. Wah! You noob. People losing their jobs and homes and you're bitching about getting a new laptop... You boob!

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Unloved it's the thought that counts. At least they got you something

agreed. my parents would never buy me anything like that. i've bought two laptops for myself, as well as all my cell phoens etc.

First! seriously, FYL? Um, this isn't FYL at all. This isn't even YDI, this is more as BS. =/

Indeed he did. He's upset he didn't get a birthday present worth thousands of dollars, on an insignificant birthday? If your family is so well off that you truly believed you would get a laptop, your life is not ******. ******* spoiled kids

Well slipper socks ARE awesome. Fact is you are nineteen, expecting expensive birthday presents from your parents and being a little brat when you don't get one is very immature. You're an adult, go buy one yourself.

Slipper socks are amazing! You're so lucky! This isn't an FML at all! I mean if you didn't have a computer at all it might be, but you clearly do have access to one that works well enough for you to post here.

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yeah and notice it was "new" laptop... its not like the kid really "needed" it for school or anything. spoiled child.

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Well then shove the shocks up in your ass.

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I'm 18. I work for a living. Meaning I'm younger than you, and I don't rely on my parents to buy me anything, not even essentials like toileteries. Grow up, get a job, save the money and buy a god damn laptop yourself instead of being a whiny brat on here.

Thank you! This bitch is saying FML because they didn't get an expensive thing they wanted? Jesus. Get a job, suck a ****.. do something for your own damn money! Shouldn't expect things to be just given to you. makes. me. soooo. angry.

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They're your parents, people shouldn't just expect things from them. You owe them your life, so people shouldn't whine and bitch on here when they don't get what they wanted for their bwirfday :'( My heart melts for these people. truly. People work to get things, and people need to learn that lesson and have a work ethic as soon as possible. Ridiculous. I think people 10 years older than me are immature sometimes, living with their parents, yet still expecting to be handed everything.

These kind of people really disgust me. How DARE you call yourself "unloved" because your parents wouldn't buy you a NEW laptop. This year it was absolutely essential for me to get a desktop (I don't currently own one BTW). So guess what? I went out, got this thing called a job, and GASP, BOUGHT IT MYSELF!!! Maybe you should stop being a burden to your parents (and the rest of society) and actually do something with yourself. We're not asking you to donate to charity or anything. Just take care of your own self.

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you guys are being really mean. its totally not necessary either

I'm with you. Im 20, just bought myself a brand new $2500 computer and am currently putting myself through college. Without my parents help. "Unloved" because you didn't get a computer? Shove it up your ass, I wouldn't love a spoiled brat like you either. Kind of remind me of that youtube video I saw of the girl crying over her brand new car "because it's the wrong color." GOD!

you do realize that that was a fake, right? it was a dominoes pizza ad.

Bah that wasnt meant to be a reply to the first post.

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Im 19, I bought myself a Mac, got a car for my mom and lend my older brother $1800 and i still got bills to pay... Get a Job... FYL for not having a job...

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do you sell drugs or something?

I was thinkin the same thing. They are probably a hooker or something.

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Wow people just work a few months and put it away in a savings account. You'd be surprised how fast it builds up

This is yet another great example of why this site needs other alternate voting options. It's in no way a FLM, OP is just imature and greedy. Being so ungrateful, OP dosen't even deserve the socks. OP's parents should log in here and create a FML; "Even though our child has been a 'legal' adult for a full year now, and no mature adult expects gifts from his/her parents, our offspring decided his/her life was '******' and posted the story for the world to read and vote upon online. Just because we gave him a gift of socks."

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at least she gets a gift. A lot of kids after the age of 18 don't get birthday presents. Go read MLIG. Spoilt brat.