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this explens everythn, if u don get it than ur a dumbass.

also, looking forward 2 seeng this video of urs, dipshit1991

  waterynuggets  |  0

#44 You're a dumbass. The title of the article (which is not scientific nor peer-reviewed, so wtf?) has to do with helping animals like you would help people. Nothing in there suggests that dogs are *technically* humans, because guess what? They're not.

  Zlappy  |  0

Dogs are people that's fucking hilarious!
And if i might say, your logic is awesome lets see;

People are Animals therefore animals are people.
Cats are animals therfore animals are cats. MY GOD!... All animals are cats.
Let's see;
Feces is a brown thing therefore brown things are feces. Think of that the next time you're eating chocolate.

This Logic Rocks!

No seriously take a moment to think of what yoy just said "Justareaderoffml", your logic is retarded and if you don't know that then FYL.

  Retillias  |  0

Although I think JustAReaderOfFml is an idiot, I agree that dogs, and other animals, are also people. The term "person" does not refer to the intelligence of its bearer, so why can't any other animals be people?

  waterynuggets  |  0

Uh, dogs are not people. They're not even in the same biological family class as people. No one said shit about intelligence. By that "logic" you and Justareader are not people. 8) And going off into obscure dictionary definitions really doesn't change anything.

  nolasaints  |  0

@38. you are the dumbass .dogs are not people. I guess you think everything that is alive is a person. this worm is a person. that clam is a person. it's kinda funny how you think we are stupid for knowing that dogs aren't people. way to use common sense and logic.

By  riku3220  |  2

inb4 more "a dog is not a person" comments. Seriously. Who cares if a dog isn't a person. If the new shoes hadn't been filled with dog crap you all would've been commenting about how the OP is a self centered person because they were annoyed with no one remembering their birthday.

By  LEPOfficer  |  0

Dayum, there are lots of these "everyone forgot my birthday" fmls.. Kinda makes me look at things differently, cuz I know I have a family and friends who wouldn't ever forget my birthday... And I take them for granted lots.. :( *snifflesnifflesniffle* Sentimental, I know.