By OhJoy_777 - 08/07/2014 08:05

Today, my friend found on Tinder the profile of a guy I've been dating and getting quite serious with. I was surprised, not only because he'd told me he didn't do "stuff" like Facebook or Tinder, but because he lied about his job and his surname. Oh, and the fact that he got married in March. FML
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As some of you failed to notice (thanks to those that defended me) I did not meet him on Tinder. I met him in the real world like a normal person. My friend showed me his profile on Tinder and how do I know its him? One of the pictures he used was one I took of him. So am I meant to Psycho stalk every guy I like in the future in case he is a lier? I am still thinking about my next move.

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I agree online is fine. But the fact that not having a Facebook is now considered weird/suspicious is terrifying.


Remember, revenge is a dish best served cold.

JMichael 25

21, if you really want it cold, we could serve up revenge on a bed of liquid nitrogen.

#33: But then you'd have to eat it quickly before the nitrogen starts to boil. Revenge is a dish best eaten slowly and mercilessly.

OP, tell him a Lannister always pays her debts. Then stab him with a Dirk.

That's too bad OP. Hopefully you'll find someone who's faithful!

That's what happens when you don't meet someone in person...

I think she knew him in person but her friend found his tinder account

What makes you think she didn't meet him in person? Especially when she didn't know about his online accounts?

My bad! I misread the post! Sorry OP you definitely DO NOT deserve this one. And to #71 there's no need to be so rude

Yes there is, you're an idiot. read better you dumb piece of crap.

Dump him.. And tell his sorry wife everything.

I agree. The wife deserves to know.

The wife definitely deserves to know. What if he does this to her and another unfortunate woman again?

I believe the disorder you are referring to is dissociative identity disorder. It is possible that the man has multiple identities. A more likely account is he has a cheating asshole disorder.

I'm pretty sure he's just a cheating scumbag

18, it's only cheating asshole disorder if he is a two-timing gay man. In this case, he has double dipping prick syndrome. Fortunately, while there is no cure, it can be treated with a swift kick to the nuts.

#36, my mistake. I agree with that diagnosis. However, I hear that it requires multiple treatments. Perhaps his wife and girlfriend will be available to take turns administering it.

You got Tinder put on your Facebook, because he just burned you.

At least you found out now instead of later. Sorry OP :/

I am so sorry OP. Perhaps tell his wife?

Hey OP, at least you found out early. Better now than later. :/ Don't let him get you down, you'll find Mr. Right someday!

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Thank goodness for good friends.