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Today, my parents bought my 11-year-old brother a MacBook for my birthday. FML
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ChloeRattlehead 22

my dad once bought my sister an iPhone 5s for my birthday. I got a 2 liter of Pepsi.

When it's your parent's birthday give a gift to the other and act confused if they ask why.


Telling them they're horrible people and then ignore them until they realize why you said it.

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How would you feel if it was your birthday, and your parents go out of their way to buy something expensive for your sibling? If you have one.

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Let's be honest how often would you actually use a cd drive.

Oh you poor baby. Sit tight while we call social services.

poor thing, you're better off at a foster home then.

Mine doesn't even have a CD slot, but I'm still extremely thankful and love my laptop/tablet. Be grateful.

Be grateful. I have a damn eMachines desktop because my stepfather couldn't share the Dell desktop.

amandathemermaid 19

Be grateful. I have to use a typewriter to type essays for college & it doesn't even come with autocorrect.

#68 10/10 would rate and laugh again

#2 I can call Child Protective Services if you want. Having a thousand dollar laptop without a CD Drive is a serious offense.

hberri331 18

Then by an external one and stop being a whiny ungrateful bitch

I'm not complaining or being an ungrateful bitch. I am very happy with my laptop and am grateful to have it. I'm just saying it pisses me off when people spoil their kids extensive amounts and especially on their other siblings birthday. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I was so confused as to why everyone just assumed #2 was complaining. The statement they made just seemed to be a very broad comment on the OP's story and in no way was she trying to be a, "whiny, ungrateful bitch." Sometimes you guys should make sure you all understand what somebody is saying before judging them. Hypocrites.

hjds4n5 12

10/10 would make fun of again

ChloeRattlehead 22

my dad once bought my sister an iPhone 5s for my birthday. I got a 2 liter of Pepsi.

CODplayer4lyfe 24

That sucks. Coke is way better, I feel bad for you.

ChloeRattlehead 22

I prefer coke too and they didn't even remember that smh oh well haha

Damn, these are reasons I'm glad I'm adopted. Some parents just can't take care of their children, smh

My brother got a plasma screen tv and I got a cheap ass camera from a checkout at a grocery store. I feel your pain.

Whenever my birthday comes around, my parents buy stuff for my sister because "it wouldn't be fair if you got all the presents!" It doesn't work the other way when her birthday comes around, either.

This stuff happens when there's a favorite child.

Be thankful for that much. I have to buy my own cake no gifts included!

Wow, it's a good thing my parents only take us out for dinner on our birthdays and we get presents at Christmas.

I don't get this at all. How do these parents justify their actions?

I got a lamp for my 18th birthday so I can study without the lights on.

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JMichael 25

I don't find it ungrateful when the sibling receives a present on OP's birthday. It's the parents being downright dicks.

shut the **** up she didn't get anything. her parents are just little dicks

Ok first off they did get something. it says a 5 dollar gift voucher. second I see you have no respect for parents. lol and third I didn't cuss at you so if you had respect for people and there opinions you would respond like a civilized person.

not everyone gets presents on there birthday. the world isn't fair. just grow up. at least she has a place to live.

it's hard to call her ungrateful when she's being treated like that

if she had gotten a gift voucher and her brother didn't get anything, that wouldn't be so bad. The reason this is an FML is because it's hard not to be ungrateful when it's YOUR birthday and you brother gets a better present, and I mean waay better (as in there's a couple hundred dollar difference between the gift) . Also, it seems like OP wouldn't be upset about not getting a gift, but it looks like OP is upset that it's a celebration of her day and her brother is getting the benefits of OP's one day rather than OP. They could have gotten the brother a computer on his birthday, but instead they choose OP's birthday, and didn't get OP anything at least equally as good. This is not a matter of being ungrateful, rather it has more to do with the fact that even on OP's big day, OP is less appreciated than her brother.

@45 try couple of thousand dollar difference!

#28 You should never have kids. I mean it, never ever breed. I am not going to demand respect from my kids. I am going to earn it. I will not yell at them for 'talking back' - I will explain exactly what they said or did that was wrong and why. I will teach them HOW to 'talk back' - how to communicate your needs and your protests logically, thoughtfully and how to reason with someone to see your side, and how to accept your mistakes when you're wrong (actually a very important skill). I will teach empathy by being empathetic. I will model respect by giving respect. Parents are not perfect, they DO make mistakes. When they do, the child has every right to feel hurt, upset, to express these feelings and seek a resolution - even an apology. Parents need to model humility and willingness to admit mistakes if they want to instil those same values in their children. And you know that funny line all bad parents happen to spout a lot? How does it go again ... oh right: we clothed you, bathed you, fed you and raised you. Well, here's my response to that: 1) A servant could probably fulfil those same jobs if necessary. 2) Assholes are everywhere, and asshole people tend not to change once they become parents. Asshole people tend to make asshole parents. Being an asshole parent does not make you immune to criticism just because you are now a parent. 3) The child has every right to judge their own parents, in fact more so than outsiders. If we, FMLers, can all see that the parents were in the wrong, the child can very much say the same. 4) If you make your child feel unloved, disrespected and/or unsupported, doesn't matter if you've clothed/fed your kids - you have failed as a parent. The emotional aspects of parenting and how that affects the child's development, future relationships and even criminal behaviour is FAR more important than what kind of clothes and food you can afford to give them. I don't understand why governments don't fund a parenting school for people, seriously.

TallMist 32

#75 All parents should be required to read your post before becoming parents themselves.

ChristianH39 30

4, I almost hope your parents start treating you like dog shit just because "the world isn't fair" so it's perfectly ok.

thank you #100, and everyone else who kindly upvoted my novel of a rant. This is a personal topic for me - my childhood, as well as observations of close friends/loved ones' relationships with their parents has taught me much about how NOT to be a parent in future. I'm glad to see the majority of people on here agree that #4/#28 has got the totally wrong idea about it haha :)

Let me dumb this down for you: 1) OP had birthday 2) OP IS NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT NOT GETTING A GIFT BUT RATHER OPS BROTHER GETTING A GIFT 3) ON OPS BIRTHDAY get it now sweetie?

When it's your parent's birthday give a gift to the other and act confused if they ask why.

Wait until it's your brothers birthday and wish for the best :D

i still feel like the brother would get something and she wouldn't.

Maybe they'll buy you a car for his birthday

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Their. Not there. Their is possesive. There is a place.

leogachi 15

So do you never complain about anything that happens to you? Since someone is always in a worse situation than you are there's no need to ever express negative feelings, right?

katachristic 19

There is virtually no one who needs a $1300-$2000 computer for school. I'm a programmer and 90% of the time, I use a netbook that was $300 when I got it four years ago. It performs admirably and there are only a handful of uses where more power is needed, most commonly gaming. He did not NEED his parents to buy him a MacBook.

I'm an artist and was doing fine with my pc, however I find the art programs and animation apps and software I can use on a Mac to be superior to PC. But that's a personal preference, as they both have pros and cons. I love PC and I love Mac, I just happen to find mac to be a better fit for my chosen career. That being said, it's not necessary for TAKING NOTES IN SCHOOL WHEN YOURE 11. if you want to go out and buy a Mac because you like the OS or want one, go ahead, but claiming you "need" it for school is BS

when he breaks it its in them... because hes 11

Yes because all 11 year olds break what they get.

leogachi 15

That's not what #15 was saying. Kids that age don't usually take care of their things, so it's likely that the computer will end up broken.