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Today, I went to Hollister with my grandmother. She immediately started yelling about the music being too loud, and ordered the staff to "shut the damn thing off". She was yelling at a bunch of mannequins. FML
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  breathemein  |  10

I work at Abercombie, for you that don't know, Hollister and Abercombie are by the same company. Yes, it's dark and loud! Lol and we get a lot of complaints from the elderly. It's to bad we can't do anything about it. I wish we could help and make it a better experience for our customers, it makes me feel bad sometimes.

  winkydog4056  |  16

#65_It's pretty sad you can't spell the place you work correct twice in the same comment.....

  holly01dh  |  2

It is not a good place to take your grandmother, duh! I used to shop there when I was younger and I was still smart enough to know where older people do not need to go. On another note I think it is totally cute that she gave those mannequin an ear full.

  X_Codes  |  11

@75 - Anyone who cares enough to know how to spell Abercrombie has to actually copy it off one of their god-awful shirts in order to figure it out. Anyone smart enough to know how to spell Abercrombie off the top of their head is also smart enough to not give a shit about it.

  free2speak  |  14

I don't see why the downvotes for #75. Once could have been unintentional but if she's working there, she should at least know how to spell it correctly. I've worked there in the past and elder customers used to ask us to turn the music down or to stop making our stores smell so horrible but as an employee I was miserable as well, listening to the same CD on repeat for an entire "season." I did love the smell though so that never really bothered me. Whenever I was assigned to "spritz" the clothes, I'd spritz some on my work clothes as well. Always got compliments on it even though I'm a girl and its supposed to be a man's cologne. I don't regret working there but I am glad I found a better job and got out.

  Arch27  |  27

@ #65:
You could turn down the music and turn up the lights... It's within your power. Trust me. I used to work retail. Management tends to back off if you all band together and make changes for the sake of your mental health.

Not to mention that loud music and a dark environment will destroy your hearing and sight, respectively.

  BlueFlatts  |  20

Who would make their username about putting their gran down for a nap. Unless ir's the forever kind. Mean, yes. But to me it's more plausible. I love my gran gran.

  SquishFish  |  15

Wow this sounds like a Doctor Who episode- the first one with Eccelston and Rose where the mannequins take over London.....Dang can't remember the title.....

  Futacy  |  29

Hahaha, I like these comments. "Oh cool, no first comment yet. Okay, I gotta be quick. What should I write? Ugggghhhhhh!!! Time is running out! Uhh I can't think of anything. I better just type in 'That's a bit awkward' *enter*. Did I get first comment? No? Damn."

And I really really say this a lot more than I should have to, but THERE'S LITERALLY A BUTTON FOR THAT. You don't have to submit pointless comments, you can just press FYL and be done with it.

  Welshite  |  39

You obviously haven't seen mannequins flipping people off. They're sneaky about it, but I've seen them. You just have to stare at them and never take your eyes away; it took almost two days for me to see them move.