By ShellShocked - 30/03/2013 04:06 - United States

Today, I turned 18. My parents got me a pineapple and a pair of socks. I'm allergic to pineapple, and the socks are too small. FML
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Happy Birthday OP:) congrats on making it to 18!


Happy Birthday OP:) congrats on making it to 18!

This is a wonderful age OP! 18 rocks. Happy birthday! Go out with your friends and have a blast. :)

I'm loving the optimism in this thread. I'm actually guessing that the parents are going to surprise OP. Fly OP somewhere tropical, where the socks, that are too small, won't be needed anyways and there are pineapples galore :-). They are clues. In a week to a month, we will be reading an FML that says, "Today, my parents are taking me on vacation to a place I've always wanted to go. I've been mad at them since my 18th birthday because they gave me a pineapple and socks that were too small. FML!"

OP was allergic to pineapple, so wouldn't going to a tropical area with lots of pineapples be harmful? (op I feel you as I'm allergic to pineapples also)

jgriff79 23

They want you out of their house.

It sounds like they really want you to have a good night tonight! The pineapple is so that you can drink five shots of 'Red Dragon,' wake up the next day hungover and wonder about the 'pineapple incident" and the socks aren't for your feet!

Awkward moment when the drinking age in America is 21 invalidating your comment

Somehow I don't think everyone waits until they are 21 to start drinking.

Yea completely agree but I don't think it would be the parents main focus to get their kid wasted enough to be hung over the next day?

It wasn't to be taken at face value; it's just a reference made jokingly and the implications should be neglected.

Stuff the pineapple into the socks, set it alight and leave it on the doorstep.

Make sure you tell the girl you wake up to that you aren't married before she climbs out the window

Play with their minds. Say "Thanks mom and dad! I was so worried that you wouldn't understand my pineapple fetish. And now you give me socks as well, I wont have to mess up my sheets. Do you have some lotion I could use? I'll call you when I'm done for fruit salad" Good luck with that. Maybe next time you will get something more practical for you.

Imhere4fml 24

First thought that came to mind: they want you to be like Spongebob.

They also ordered a snail and a spatula, but they have yet to arrive.

Welcome to adulthood where things don't always go how you want.

Yes, but I think adulthood is supposed to go better than having parents who would give you food you're allergic to for your birthday.

There are stories like this all the time "it was my birthday today and all I got was a packet of gum and my sister got a three bed detached house and a new car so she wouldn't feel left out" "I turned 21 today and my mum held me down while my dad punched me in the face for my present". Seriously who the **** are these parents? I'm not saying this isn't true but what is wrong with your parents?!

btstig 11

The pineapple is a form of telling a person that they had over stayed their welcome, without being rude and saying it to their face. The socks are from Harry Potter signaling that said child is now set free. Wake the **** up and realize that some parents are cool as shit.

"Master has given Dobby a sock. Dobby is free." Somehow, the image of Dobby holding a sock and a pineapple came into my head when I read this. Sorry for you, OP, but it IS kind of funny.