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  nyrangers1022  |  6

ur step mom and ur dad are brother/sister if they go to Nascar races. damn hillbillies, wuts so exciting of watching a car go around the track hundreds of times of only left hand turns

  Mjfalcon  |  8

have any of you been to a NASCAR race? I will say the wedding is more important, and fyl op, but NASCAR races are one of the most fun things you can attend. not much fun to watch though.

  bookbee  |  2

So, 36, you are calling those people hillbillies, and then YOU say NASCAR is gay. What a shining beacon of urban sophistication you have proven yourself to be, my dear.


fuck you, dont judge nascar when people who like nascar dont judge your sport, you dumbass piece of shit. unless you are a fiel fairy prancing around like a little faggot.

  RGHTre  |  0

184: Without announcers, how would you know if Kyle got Sunoco fuel for his doublemint Toyota Camri? How would you know If Kyle was given two Goodyear tires, or just the standard four Goodyear tires? How would you know who out-raced Montoya for first place? You wouldn't, that's how. Kyle Busch FTW!

Life it seems, will fade away. Drifting further every day. Getting lost within myself. Nothing matters, no one else. I have lost the will to live. Simply nothing more to give. There is nothing more for me. Need the end to set me free!

No one but me, can save myself! Oh! It's too late!
Now I can't think: think why I should even try!
Yesterday seems as though it never existed!
Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye! (*Goodbye!*)

  AUfan92  |  0

lmao @123 but I think 84 might be a little generous. More like in the 60's. The iPhone mirror picture while trying to be cool by wearing sunglasses inside doesn't help.

  Link5794  |  18

No, you're stupid.