By puppielover - 21/08/2010 17:25 - United States

Today, my step-mom informed me that she and my dad will not be attending my wedding because they will be at a NASCAR race. FML
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sdman923 0

NASCAR= Non Athletic Sport Consisting of Assholes and Rednecks.

my2centsworth 15

Now you can have a red neck-free wedding.


move your wedding to the NASCAR race

StopTheFuckinCar_fml 0

yeah, your best option here is to just kill them both.

racing is very important to Resnais you were probably conceived at one

that's messed up

420pium 0

i hate when that happens

fakeaccountX 6

nobody fuckin likes NASCAR

tromber1 0

sucks to be you

RachelTheLoser 0

NASCAR ftw! :D

x1baller1x 0

ohh that sucks.

YouAlwaysDeserve_fml 0


#30 You're gayyyy

USA is one fucked up country

Fuck them, you shouldn't want them there if they are that big of assholes.

NASCAR > Weddings. :PP Jk.

lalala31_fml 0

hahahahaa this is amazing

Them prolly spent good money on dem tickets n dinnut wanna go ta yer cheap ass shot gun wedding.

fuck white people. JUST KIDDING!

the_flirtt 0

lol rednecks ftw !!

At least your fiance won't be at the race. That would make for an awkward wedding.

bigblue95 0

never understood nascar. u jus drive around in a circle for 5 hrs. wats so interesting about tht. jus look at the highway

arc794 0

Ah. Step moms are such bitches.

Cooluu 5

nothing like inhaling car emissions and burnt rubber

bballnsoftball 0

typical rednecks... fyl. :(

people who go NASCAR events have an IQ average of 84 that's the same as Bush's

RTRbryant 0

54 - probably half the people here are american and agree that this is an fml..?

ur step mom and ur dad are brother/sister if they go to Nascar races. damn hillbillies, wuts so exciting of watching a car go around the track hundreds of times of only left hand turns

BigRob247 0

Dude, Its Bristol :D The World's Fastest Half Mile :D Only race i actually watch :D Google It abt to be on in abt an hour or so

I don't even like NASCAR but there's a rce here in so. cal on oct 8 and am there!!! it's my b day!

Cates500 0

77 your gayy. NASCAR is awesome

fakeking2 0

I'm glad my neck is black

FootballFreak4 3

lol ^

99 is fucking hot ;) haha and Ive never been to a race but I watch them sometimes

NASCAR FTW!!! but it's alright, gratz on wedding though!!!

Mjfalcon 8

have any of you been to a NASCAR race? I will say the wedding is more important, and fyl op, but NASCAR races are one of the most fun things you can attend. not much fun to watch though.

77 everyday is just another reason for drunken rednecks to gather around and drink more.

at 77 your a drunk gay redneck

99 - "77 your gayy" - If that doesn't conclusively prove people who go to NASCAR races have an average IQ of 84, I don't know what could.

Brittney_E 0

after people have seen 'The Final Destination', i wouldn't want to go to a NASCAR race either ._.

darienXdisaster 0

18 wins.:D

I'd rather watch my grandma take a shit than watch that fucking NASCAR garbage. what a fucking waste of resources.

atomicwedgie4u 0

just as long as they send a gift who cares.

lurchin_10 0

haha FYL NASCAR is terrible

yesYDI 0

YDI For having a wedding YDI For having a dad

CassidyLovesPigs 0

Ydi for having hicks for parents.

you know you're a red neck WHEN...

nascar is cool stuff though

Ludii_fml 0

lol @ 140 but if theyre tickets to a nascar race f his life.


That's When U Know Ur A Redneck!!

lol 99 you look like Justin bieber so don't go around calling OTHER people gay:)

lmao #73 omg wait wait.... omg another left turn. yesh ^.^

Announcer "he's making a left turn", "looks like another left turn", "I wonder what he's going to do next"...... announcers are so useless in NASCAR

171 is the only person on FML who has comments worth reading.

boyguydudemalema 0

dude nascar is like the best sport in the world i espcially like the left turn . . . yes thay was a sarcastic joke . . .

tweetbaby14 18

NASCAR the most important thing in the world... to a hillbilly

iTzAeroz 0

if it ain't white it ain't right

FyourLIFEdotCOM8 0

41- drunken rednecks like NASCAR. look a left turn....another left turn!!

bookbee 2

So, 36, you are calling those people hillbillies, and then YOU say NASCAR is gay. What a shining beacon of urban sophistication you have proven yourself to be, my dear.

benny2465 0

haha legonut win

Blacksmokehick 0

fuck you, dont judge nascar when people who like nascar dont judge your sport, you dumbass piece of shit. unless you are a fiel fairy prancing around like a little faggot.

Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks.... NASCAR

184: Without announcers, how would you know if Kyle got Sunoco fuel for his doublemint Toyota Camri? How would you know If Kyle was given two Goodyear tires, or just the standard four Goodyear tires? How would you know who out-raced Montoya for first place? You wouldn't, that's how. Kyle Busch FTW! Life it seems, will fade away. Drifting further every day. Getting lost within myself. Nothing matters, no one else. I have lost the will to live. Simply nothing more to give. There is nothing more for me. Need the end to set me free! No one but me, can save myself! Oh! It's too late! Now I can't think: think why I should even try! Yesterday seems as though it never existed! Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye! (*Goodbye!*)

fucking have your wedding in the pit or something

it's sad that on usa's worst day we are better than any other country on their best day.

Ya but calling stuff gay is not hillbilly'ish.

joeb95 0

ydi for not liking NASCAR

AUfan92 0

lmao @123 but I think 84 might be a little generous. More like in the 60's. The iPhone mirror picture while trying to be cool by wearing sunglasses inside doesn't help.

but the wrecks...?

greeneyedgoalie7 0

great family

inkdeath87 18

Well it's her stepmom's fault

Legitable reason.

No way. NASCAR is sooo lame...

nickb93 0

NASCAR itself is boring but the parties in the infield are badass

Legitable?? I think you mean legitimate. There is no reason you should miss your childs wedding, unless you're on your deathbed.

QueenPersephone 9

Legitable. New word of the day.

VivaLaCobra22 0

Your use of the word legitable just goes to show how low of an IQ people who watch NASCAR have.

haha I was finally first

uhazsquiads 0


He's first. He's just too stupid to know how to reply.

uhazsquiads 0

lol 38

no im not stupid. your just a mother fucker

ArbiterOfFML 24

Your? That proves you are a dumbass. [You're]

Link5794 18

No, you're stupid.

Now THAT is bullshit!

Jakofalltrades18 0

Did they make their plans beforehand? if so maybe thy told you and you planned over them.

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DisturbedCupcake 3

awe :( I'm sorry. that sucks, hun.

my2centsworth 15

Now you can have a red neck-free wedding.

heyyitshannah 0

aha right she planned him to leave because she is a bitch.