By crushed - 29/09/2011 14:32 - Australia

Today, the job search agency that I use asked me to stop sending in my resume, as no one had hired me in three years, and that the situation was unlikely to change. FML
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Time to find a new agency

How bad does your resume have to suck for this to happen?


Are you serious? How many thumbs down does one have to get to realize what NOT to say?

Time to find a new agency

or fix the resume...

Or look for jobs on your own... Because it shows a real lack of dedication to get someone else to find a job for you. Just my opinion.

so you would only spend 1 month looking for a job? benefit cheats are a big problem, and this is why. OT: try somewhere else. or become a hooker.

Try a temp agency OP. It's a good way to get your foot in the door somewhere, will give you lots of exposure, and will hopefully help you meet the right people who can land you a permanent job.

Putting sex god on your resume isn't actually that good of an idea, some people are insecure that their partner might find out

I think it's a bad idea to resume using that agency.

Agreed. Like honestly if the stoners have jobs, it can't be that hard to get one. Start low on the job list. Like taco bell lol.

47- With that mustache, You could have been a star in Bollywood movies in the 60's

16- OT? Original Toaster? :)

It's different when you apply at places like Walmart. They are always hiring.

Since the traditional career path isn't working out for you, maybe you should consider a porn role

How bad does your resume have to suck for this to happen?

Maybe it was written with crayon.

So I can't write my college application essays in crayon? :(?!

Your application to Clown College, yes...

Even clown college expects your crayons used for applications to be pretentious and overpriced.

Well, In this economy? I bet his resume didn't suck at all.

I'd start sending my resume to them everyday now! After all, someone there has to process it, so you are keeping someone employed!

And annoyed out of their fucking mind. I would probably just memorize op's name and just trash the resume every day.

I'm sorry OP! maybe you're just too good for them :)

Obviously not

How do you not work for three years? Do you live with your parents?

Loving parents there, I would be forced to work as my mom's receptionist.

Find another agency and repeatedly send it to them instead.

Why don't you fix your resume instead of complaining on FML? I'd think that'd be a good place to start.

OP is from Aus and any of the job agencies here who are doing their job right would have made sure the OP's resume was professional looking and relevant to the jobs.. Maybe OP is totally unskilled, in which case they should be looking to study at a TAFE college or something, all at the governments expense :)

my b/F's in the same boat. Go to a bunch of temp services, good luck

maybe it just wasn't ment to be. Do it old school, get off your ass and find one.

Agreed with #4 by no one hireing you for 3 years means someone over there isnt doing their job.