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Today, the whole family came over to celebrate my 18th birthday. My grandfather bought me a giant mathematics book. Apparently, he didn't want my 16 year old sister to be "jealous", so he got her the new iPad. FML
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leogirl95 12

That is just all kinds of unfair right there.

Psh, an iPad? What can you really do with that? But a giant math pad? Why, you can make paper airplanes, play tic-tac-toe, doodle, origami...oh, and learn math! You DEFINITELY got the better end of that deal.


lenamartinovic 13

Wow. FYL, OP Talk to your mom? :(

what's that going to do?

What's her mom going to do about it?

Sorry. Didn't see your comment.

Her mother can explain why grandpa is suck a dick, perhaps.

Psych101 9

59- *such. The only reason I bothered to correct that is because I didn't want people getting the wrong idea when they read your comment.

saying someone is a suck a dick sounds freakin hilarious

My autocorrect has a mind of its own...

Maybe you wrote that using an iPad? I don't believe it was auto-correct, afterall you're named " TourettesGuyFTW"

this reminds me of the line in step brothers "As soon as she is of age I'm putting her in a home"

leogirl95 12

That is just all kinds of unfair right there.

I'd be jealous of a giant math book, think of all the toilet paper and fire-starters!

And origami! And paper hats!

owww, book paper as TP?? that's gonna leave a mark

Lots of mean grandfathers on FML today, huh!

Well I guess we know who the favorite is now...

What kind of screwed up grandpa is that? she doesn't deserve an ipad and she has done nothing to derserve one. I would have flipped out right at that moment. Who the hell gives someone a math book for a present anyway?

In my family I always get the worse gifts than my younger siblings too.

Dallasluver19 14


hisgirlherboy 5

75, actually, the mistake was that ElivlPotato forgot a comma after family and too.

After family and siblings*.

Psych101 9

111- Actually, the way the sentence was constructed, the mistake was having the word "the" before worse.

Psych101 9

^By that, I meant 8 should have removed the. I wasn't trying to say it should be after worse, as opposed to before.

looloothing 9

That's how it is in my family. My little brother has an iPhone, an iPad, and a MacBook Pro. All I have is one hp laptop. Injustice I tell you.

First world problems

Well macbooks and their other computers are still just a bunch of overpriced crap (tons of laptops with more processing power and specs for lower prices) and android ice cream sandwich phones def. rivals the iPhone. The iPad is hard to match though.

happyday123_321 2

Well at least you have a computer... Be thankful for what you have because there are some people in the world who don't have anything, let alone an hp computer which are pretty nice. Just be thankful is all I'm saying!

White girl problems #9...

I prefer my Hp Envy 15 laptop over any over-priced macbook pro. Also the S3 beats the iphone in my opinion. The ipad can't be beat I guess.

cupcakekallie 6

My parents gave my nine year old brother the iPhone 4S. They won't let me have a phone. I'm sixteen and known as the responsible one of the family.

HP laptop not so bad.

Psh, an iPad? What can you really do with that? But a giant math pad? Why, you can make paper airplanes, play tic-tac-toe, doodle, origami...oh, and learn math! You DEFINITELY got the better end of that deal.

Theres an app...for all of that

15 - shit really??

Technology is moving too fast for me

26- Too bad you couldnt hear the sarcasm unless you were sarcastic yourself then in that case disregard this response

Doc makes good point. Should've used pages from book to make a paper plane, in front of him, fly it into his face, then make an origami middle finger salute for him.

If its a Giant math book, as OP said, OP can sell it since they can be pretty Expensive sometimes and buy himself an Ipad with that money.

Let's say, god forbid, you get into some mortal combat death match with your sister one day (I'm thinking Step-Brothers style). Your grandfather gave you the upper hand. I'm sure that math book is much heavier than the iPad.

Shit! The iPad has a paper airplane making app?! God damn I need to get me one of those!

43 - ya I was being sarcastic lol I guess noone caught onto that

No, we caught onto it. It's pretty obvious. It just was all...

FYL, I know how you feel, my Dad is a maths teacher and always gets me a book, but that was very wrong of your Grandfather to do. Talk to your parents...

What? Why?

FMLshark 12

Because getting someone a book as oppose to the sibling getting an iPad is a crime punishable by death in 37 countries, 100.

Why talk to her parents? OP's grandpa can do whatever he wants with his money and no one can do anything about it. Ofcourse it was unfair but I highly doubt talking to her parents is going to help. FYL OP

Damn. He should buy you a car then.

No, then his sister would get a private jet according to his family's logic

DarkJediLove 19

Maybe he has high hopes of education for you and gave up on your sister? Then she will be the jealous one when you have a degree and your book outlasts the iPad which is probably already outdated.

Happy birthday OP! Is my birthday today too!

KM96 24

Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both of you!! :)

Why thank you! It's been a wonderful day.

Dallasluver19 14

Happy birthday! (:

Happy bitchday to you!

happyday123_321 2

And you're spending your special day on FML...?

A lot of august birthdays here! Usually I'm the only one...

Did you get a math book too?

FMLshark 12

Think about it this way: Your grandpa gave you a potential antique. When books seize to exist and tablets take over, you can sell that thing to a museum for big bucks. Joke's on your sister. ;)

CEASE to exist.

FMLshark 12

Thank you, 42. *Cease. My bad.