By pea - United States
Today, I had a lady come in to order a pizza. She wanted to use a free delivery coupon. After telling her several times that she couldn't use a free delivery coupon, unless she was having the pizza delivered, she told me I have horrible people skills. FML
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  FarSide  |  22

Well, one thing is for sure: Either OP or the customer is mentally challenged. I think it is the customer. At least OP can work a keyboard.

By  Sicari  |  2

correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the free delivery coupon make the cost of delivering to her house free, not the pizza. if that's the case, you should've taken the coupon and delivered it for free to her while she in the store

  deaper  |  15

Yep. I was thinking the same thing. And what kind of pizza place do you work at? Every pizza place that I know of (that offers delivery in the first place) has free delivery anyways! No effing way in heck am I paying a delivery fee!

  xMeganMayhem  |  6

29 - I don't know of any pizza place that doesn't have a delivery fee. I worked at Pizza Hut, and they charged about two dollars and fifty cents for delivery, which is included in your final total. It's not like we told every single customer that there was a charge (unless they asked for a breakdown of the price, of course). I really thought it was common knowledge that there is a fee for having someone deliver your food to you... Guess not?

  free2speak  |  14

exactly what i was thinking! and to the comment above, we order pizza from Dominos all the time and never pay a delivery fee. I thought majority of pizza places have free deliver as long as you meet the minimum order requirement.

  1215116a  |  14

I don't think you get the point. -_-
Listen, the customer is being stupid and arguing with Op that she can use a delivery coupon when she's at the place instead of delivering from home. Then when he tries to explain that it can only be used for delivery, she goes and becomes an idiot again and tells him he doesn't have 'social skills'. Got it? Now wouldn't you be frustrated?