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By MEW - 21/09/2009 00:38 - United States

Today, I was working drive thru and took a huge order. When the people pulled around to the window, they handed me a stack of coupons. None of the coupons were even related to what they ordered. They made me change their order to fit the coupons because they couldn't read. FML
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Vosmaeri 0

People are really stupid. Sorry about that.

Idiot people 1 of the reasons why I will never work in fast food coz people just get on my nerves i would throw the food at their face.


Vosmaeri 0

People are really stupid. Sorry about that.

People are stupid, look at the OP, her grammar is horrible, no wonder she works at a ******* drive thru.

HahaYDI 0

I sense a few more future drive-thru workers based on the fact they can't read.

It's great how you insult decent grammar (choppy writing, but decent grammar) while splicing all your clauses together with commas. Learn what semi-colons are, dick.

skullbashd 3

yay you didn't say first but seriouslly how could anyone say ydi?

snagglepaste 0

You should have taken the coupons and looked at them and just made them pay the actual amount for their original order.

Idiot people 1 of the reasons why I will never work in fast food coz people just get on my nerves i would throw the food at their face.

I hate ***** that give you hard time, keep on truckin man.

He said they couldn't read, not that they couldn't read English. Chances are, they were illiterate. It's more common than you think.

RustyShackelfurt 0

Dear OP To be honest, I was really hungry. I knew what the coupons said and I figured if I acted as dumb as possible. I really just wanted a freaking Big Mac. They cost what, 50 cents to make? You should have just given me the meal rather than go through the shit I put you through. Sincerely, Rusty Shackelfurt

bskballa92 0

Rusty....? I thought you died when we were in 3rd grade???

Your name makes it all worthwhile, whether it's a reference to the band or not.

I hope it's not, the other Mew is cuter and way more rare :O

Noooo! Mew the band pwns Mew the Pokemon, or anything else by the name Mew.

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RubixMonkey 0

Mew also has the inability to breed with other Pokemon, making Mew the Pimp of Pokemon.

Mew the Pokemon is nothing compared to the band. Your lies aren't convincing me.

RubixMonkey 0

Mew does not lie! Mew is psychic! Plus on Snow Brigade you cannot even understand what he is whining. Mew on the other hand does not attempt human speech, he does not believe human speech is pure enough for the mew line. Mew Two was right about one thing, humans are inferior only when they try to become what they are not, Mews. LOL

Lol. I don't care! New Terrain, Beach, and Vaccine from their new CD = win. They pwn everything Mew the Pokemon could do. MewTwo on the other hand...hmm.....

Mew is the greatest band ever so I must say I love ur name, also unrelated, it's crazy seeing that so many people know them now. But back to the FML, yeah that sucks.

I can't believe we went from drive-through FML's to Pokemon. Epic! Besides everybody knows Mew's awesome.

Don't you just love working with the penny-pinching public?

The drive thru's in the US don't make you pay before cooking stuff? The hell is that?

You order at the speaker. You drive to the first window and pay. You drive to the second window and get your food. You drive away. They start making it the minute you order, and together, the whole process should take less then 3 minutes. That's why it is the way it is. To save time.

moonlight_daze 8

"No worries, mate! Unlike in America, we DO have all day!"

How is YOUR life F'd? Seems to me you've got a job, the right to lawfully work in the United States, you're literate, and obviously have some level of computer skills, and a computer. I feel bad for those driving through who can't even read! Their lives are F'd! "Today, I went through a drive thru with a huge order with my family. When we pulled around to the window, I handed the nice lady a stack of coupons because it was all we could afford to eat. None of the coupons were even related to what I ordered. I had to change the order to fit the coupons because I couldn't read. FML"

RubixMonkey 0

I laughed. But its true, your job OP is to cater to people who come through. Yeah it sucks but its life.

uhm, one thing. how can you be able to drive a car, have enough money for a car, and still not be able to read??? makes no sense to me... besides, how is that an fml? really, if that's what you think sucks, then that's really pretty sad. cause it so isn't an FML.

You can be illiterate and gainfully employed. Most of them work in labor industries, like house cleaning. You don't have to be able to read and drive a car--that's why most street signs have pictures and unique shapes and colors instead of words. It's to accommodate people who can't read or have a reading disability that would be dangerous while driving.