By BoomHeadshot - 02/05/2012 02:27 - Australia

Today, I was trying to sneak home from a party. Instead, I head-butted a glass door and woke my mother up. FML
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linkinpark98 23

Wow... I guess Windex really does do wonders!


hellbilly205 17

You're suppose to open the door before you try and go through it!

starman02 12

Hehe! At least you know for next time where exactly the door is ;)

#27 : the best bio i have ever read lol Right oN lol

jerseyboy732 16
hahafylop 4

At least you didn't go Amare on the glass and have to have surgery because you punched it...

MichellinMan 20

were you already drunk? your fast.

hellbilly205 17

Are you by any chance Doc Bastards medical assistant? And nice That 70's show reference.

nublets 12

30- DocBastard needs no assistant. They would only assist in stealing his awesome thunder!

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

We are but mere peons living in his earthly kingdom.

Um...what? I remember when people here used to hate me. Good times.

LunaDragon 10

Don't worry doc, I still hate you. Oh and predix too. ;-} Although I am missing IKickGingers more Witter comments, whatever happened to her?

nublets 12

46- must have fallen asleep in class that day >.>

I'm actually in the process of cloning my own Doc Bastard. "oh, to be an assistant to him?" you might ask. No, actually I will create an alternate timeline in which the student becomes teacher. Then I will order him around and make my clone of Doc Bastard do his own history and physicals while I do my own ddx when he brings his diagnosis to me just to shit on parade. MUHAHAHA! *cough* So uh, yes 30, if that answers your question, I'll be going now...

hellbilly205 17

Well uhh yes i guess that does chap, goodbye now.

hahafylop 4

Doc, maybe one of your 5000+ comments changed people's outlook on you.

Well that teaches you to stay out behind your mothers back.

BossFML1996 1

YDI, Do not go behind you're parents back.. What if something bad happened like you got injured? They wouldn't know

linkinpark98 23

Wow... I guess Windex really does do wonders!

hellbilly205 17

Streak free shine, everytime!

That's right op! Don't take shit off no glass window! **** the system

Reminds of the time I ran right into one of those sliding windows, thinking it was open. Good times...

You're doing it wrong! Use a door next time? Say you slept at a friends and you were coming back? Say you went for a midnight walk. The excuses are endless. But I can't help but feel You Deserved It!

If you're stupid enough to put yourself in that situation then you had it coming.

Mister_Triangle 21

Hey, that's not cool; retarded people get offended when you compare them to people like OP