By Anonymous - 31/01/2015 01:25 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, when making a delivery for the restaurant I work for, a customer shoved and yelled at me because she didn't get any fries with her order. She didn't order any, which isn't unusual, considering we're a Chinese takeaway and don't even sell them. FML
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Tell her to pull around to the next window. Repeat as needed.

Wizardo 33

Should've went IP Man on her Ong Bak.


Wizardo 33

Should've went IP Man on her Ong Bak.

I think your wing chun reference is going to go over everyone's heads. Well, almost everyone.

Wizardo 33

Trust the Doctor to come through, surprised not many have seen the films.

IAmzephyr 22

nah, just somr peoplr really are THAT stupid

Not just some people. Statistically a large part of humanity can't even read. In some places analphabetism rates are as high as 50%. Even in rich western countries it's not zero. Among those who can read a large percentage suffers from functional illiteracy. Which basically means a very significant portion of the human population either can't read at all or their reading/writing skills are at a childish level. And I'm not talking about 1 or 2%. I'm talking about something like 40-50% at least. In the US around 50% of the population could be functional illiterates(wikipedia). The remaining population isn't necessarily smart. Even if we suppose they are, your "it's just some people" is still invalid. Depending on your definition of characteristic, the statement "humanity is ignorant" could be considered true or false. Personally I consider a characteristic to be a feature shared by the majority of the things we're trying to describe. If you agree with my definition then humanity is certainly ignorant.

It's times like these I regret ever having worked at a fast food restaurant. Don't worry OP, I feel your pain.

Tell her to pull around to the next window. Repeat as needed.

I see u on every FML post. I recognize you because of your profile pic hahah

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They are called /French/ fries for a reason.

They are not. They're Belgian. 'French' is referring to the way the potatoes are cut: 'frenched'.

Greenteamextreme 16

Actually in Australia we call them chips. So I'm a little confused as to why OP is calling them fries. All over aus they're chips.

Maybe the customer said "fries" and thus OP is just restating what the customer said..? Or maybe OP isn't a local Aussie..?

Technically chips are cut wider and thicker, like the ones from cafe's or KFC, fries are thin and long, like the ones from maccas and hungry jacks :)

Greenteamextreme 16

#32 - In Australia they're all chips mate.

They're all chips in the UK too, and the KFC chips are sometimes thinner than Mcdonalds chips.

Greenteamextreme 16

Nah man... In the UK you call certain breeds of chips crisps... WELL THEY'RE ALL CHIPS HERE! None of that crisps nonsense!

In the UK fries are called chips and the chips that you eat from a packet (the snack) are called crisps :)

In Soviet Russia they are called Putinato

#33, I live in Australia, and I don't know about you, but when I go to maccas I order fries. Not chips. So not everyone calls chips/fries the same thing, mate.

I would sincerely tell her to "**** off" in Chinese ( if you know). LOL Stupid people thinking they're entitled or right.