By aranya - 14/06/2012 22:51 - Netherlands - Hengevelde

Today, I went to see a movie with my girlfriend and a few others. Mid-way through, I noticed my girlfriend giving a hand-job to my best friend. I couldn't believe my eyes, and I confronted them. He claimed he had been asleep, she claimed she was mopping up a spill, and I'm now single again. FML
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Uh.. well.. at least you caught her in the act! You go, OP! If she would lie to your face like that, honestly, you're better off without her. And no, I'm not just saying that.


I wonder if this was the first time. Its a shame op can't put more detail in :S

At least he'll get a zit dick from the butter off the popcorn.

If you take them to the cinema, they ain't shit but hos and Twix. Probably over-priced, too.

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That was a pretty bold move on both their parts, obviously she's a ho and his best friend has no honor

This shouldn't be an FML. You should be glad to get rid of the cheating bitch

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I can only imagine how pissed you must've been. I feel for ya OP.

No more like bitch and bastard :p or just assholes.

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You listen to too much Lil Wayne ^ High five bro!

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That's no best friend. You should have done something right there and then and left them there.

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If they start going out, she'll do the same to him.

125 you should be slapped for that comment.

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OP you let them continue? As soon as you saw that you should have started fighting your ex-bestfriend and slap the shut out of your ex-girlfriend. Normally, I wouldn't say hit a girl but that's going too far. So hit both bitches!

Shouldn't she be the one that became single after that?

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Usually when two people break up, they BOTH become single..

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I expect the girl isn't single now. She may have OP's best friend as a girlfriend now.

It sounded like OPs girl broke up with him instead of the reverse occurring. That's the point I was trying to make.

6 no, she is now a couple with the OP's best friend, and the op is a couple with his hands ;)

this has to be the dumbest comment i have ever seen.

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111- says the person who doesn't even know the difference between "your" and "you're"....

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wow 111 you really have to say retarded? It's insensitive people like u that make this world just a little worse every day.

^ mentally retarded is a medical term. Not insensitive. Of course, people tend to use it rudely and improperly, but the term itself is a real medical term.

118 - you say insensitive people make the world worse every day, I say overly sensitive people do. Bullying, teasing, and general idiocy has gone on for centuries yet it's only recently that it's become a "problem"?

OneLittleAdditio 9

its always been a problem. its just that the internet and media has helped spread the word faster when kids and teens commit suicide over it. or even are just emotionally damaged. the problem has always been there.

OneLittleAdditio 9

well I meant what u said. my brother is severely mentally retarded I understand what it means it just upsets me when people use it to describe ignorant and stupid people. its insulting and insensitive.

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If you scrolled up i think you'd actually see that you're the one yelling..

163: Get outta here, ya troll! Remember the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. Do you want to be teased and bullied?

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Did Samuel L. Jackson just quote the bible?

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224- Frankly, I wouldn't care. It's expected in the real world and if you're so thin-skinned that you can take a little teasing, then you won't survive in any sort of occupation. People don't care about a stranger's feelings. You gotta get over it. And I am willing to bet that all these "anti-bullying advocates" have at some point made someone feel like shit. It's human nature to assert dominance. We can't keep eliminating our instincts or our society is going to become a bunch of fluffy, weak, jello people. That's when the apes take over...

227 - It's scary how similar our usernames are... Copycat! ;)

There's a fine line between being bullied and being teased. Bullying is with malicious intent, whereas teasing is just poking fun. I think you better learn the difference.

115&118 yeah do you have a problem you are RETARDED

^Trying to be a big shot over the Internet. I bet my 11 year old sister could beat your ass. Shut up

^ I betcha my 3 month old fetus could kick your 11 year old sister's ass.

Some people are so easily offended these days. You can't say anything without someone whimpering about it...

227 - Are you saying its ok to bully!? If so then God have mercy on you.

I think bullying isn't okay, but joking around with another friend is fine when they know your just kidding.

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Yes, I did mean boyfriend. Not boyfrieb, not girlfriend. Yet even with my error and someone else's failed correction, you understood it.

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Just turn down the volume on your computer and everything will be OK.

From handjobs to bullying... That takes skill

Hmmm you are retarded I bet you are in a wheelchair and have downs you dumb ****? Consider yourself trolled.

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Its amazing how much butthurt can arise over the use of a single word. Sticks and stones fellas. Never heard of it? Well ill summarize- A word is a word. Who gives a flying **** nugget if its "politically correct" or not? Its a word! Not a knife!

Uh.. well.. at least you caught her in the act! You go, OP! If she would lie to your face like that, honestly, you're better off without her. And no, I'm not just saying that.

Right next to OP, too.. That's just not right.

My point exactly. Cheating: horrible. Cheating right in front of the person: inexcusable.

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3 is completely right. OP, she's a lying *****. I promise there's girls not like that in this world! Just keep looking! :)

At least she didn't say that she mixed OP and his friend up.

Honestly, it doesn't sound like OP runs with a great crowd...

102- Actually it was her left hand she was using :D *slaps himself for being a troll*

110- I'd rather have my bf cheat right in front of me and know about it than behind my back. At least I could do something then. But yea... Inexcusable.

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Please tell me that you ditched the best friend too

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Sherlock solves much more complicated mysteries

I don't get people that put an asterisk on a cuss word. I mean...just say the entire ******* word. ****, it's not like the FM ******* L police is going to ******* punish you for that. ****.

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Still a better love story then twilight

What isn't a better love story than Twilight?

jaredofmo 22

Twilight slashfic. That's a worse love story than Twilight.

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Redditor? :O But honestly, your better off OP. At least now you can really find someone who deserves your attention, even though it was a rough realization, it'll get better (:

#36 Actually that sounds pretty interesting . . .

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Twilight the XXX parody...oh god...

Human centipede is a better love story than twilight

I think Twilight is a better love story then 50 shades of gray...

aly88snts06 4

50 shades of grey was based on twilight

Kn0wledge123 21

The OJ Trail is a better love story than Twilight. At least all the characters had motivation and DEPTH.

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She's a liar and a cheater you can definitely do better then that she's not worth it.

Not to mention the lying asshole of a best friend!

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7 - I'm trying to figure out your picture... I can't tell if I'm just seeing things or not.

Major lying bitch. "Mopping up a spill"? More like CAUSING a spill.

Nope, you're not seeing things... He looks kind of like an Auschwitz victim (please pardon my spelling if it was incorrect).

i think it's funny when someone who has no picture at all criticizes someone elses picture

I don't think Auschwitz victims had abs. Or a tan.

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139-- I think I see what you think you see as well. Is that what it looks like, 7? .....On second thought, never mind. I don't think I want to know

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Mate. Don't be a pussy about it. Two less people that weren't genuine to you out of your lie. You should be thankful.

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Should of knocked that best friend out. I know I know that's not acceptable in society.

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84- Even so, it's hard to hold anger inside

8 is very right. Obviously she was a bad GF and him a bad friend.

Better you be single then still going out with a tramp.

At least she didn't mop up the "spill" with her mouth. Ah, **** it. I'd super glue a hot pink ***** to one of their cars. (this happened to me once)

If I were you, I wouldn't want her after the way she gave your best friend a handjob.

What if she gave him a hand job in a different way?

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Were you there? Was she doing it wrong? O_o

I mustache you a question? I moo steak you a question? I must ache you a question? I must ask you a question! Aha! Knew i would get it sooner or later

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Shit at least you broke up with her before getting serious.