By pizza girl - 30/08/2013 04:33 - United States - Nettleton

Today, a lady cussed me out for not bringing her salad and pizza to her table. She then wanted her money back. I work at a buffet; a self-serve buffet. FML
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TorturedXeno 27

You can't fix stupid.

Some people are so oblivious to their surroundings, but that's fucking ridiculous.


TorturedXeno 27

You can't fix stupid.

I beg to differ.. its just illegal to shoot stupid people

That's why we need Cheney to go hunting

@1 You fix stupidity by teaching/learning. Ignorance is the one you can't fix.

Redoxx_fml 22

No I'm pretty sure it's the other way around 44

may I just add #2, in the face..

addioty 19

plot twist

@44 You're absolutely right. I mixed up my definitions.

Redoxx_fml 22

You're 44, 67 lol

Hah, I honestly think my brain is done for the day.

I think 67 wanted to write 47

It's such a shame.

Some people are so oblivious to their surroundings, but that's fucking ridiculous.

She's just an idiot.

I work in a shop and I'm regularly on the self-service checkouts. The amount who come up complaining they can't use it, I wish I could tell them, "Why the fuck did you go to the self-service then?". I don't mind if they ask me to show them how to do it, but the ones who want me to do it are just plain lazy.

When I worked at a grocery store we always had a guy come in and go through the self checkout lane and then just stand and point without saying a word until someone rang up his entire order for him.

omg yes! freaking hate it when people come to self check and do that.

she was just at the full service Wal-Mart

what were you thinking! you should know that such a high class lady doesn't have to get her own food!

I don't think they noticed your sarcasm.

it's kind of hard when it's through text

It's only hard to see if you're stupid.

Wizardo 33

Teach how how to read the signs then ban her from entering the establishment again... the consequences of being a stupid bitch.

Oh lord... Humans these days are seriously idiots. I'm ashamed of the human race..

I'm always a serious idiot. -_- See?

Jeez #7, there are murderers, rapists, pedophiles, drug dealers, and people who talk at the theatre, and it's THIS self centered, idiotic woman that makes you ashamed of the human race? Really?

FeatherTips 10

People like this gives Americans, namely Southeners, a bad rep.

Why? There are idiots everywhere.

CharresBarkrey 15

Why is this comment only made on FMLs from the US? There are plenty of FMLs from other countries with stupid people, but everyone only points out the ones from America.

lb0812 18

And why southerners? Am I missing something? On my app I don't see any location specification besides United States. Strange assumption considering the South is known for the hospitality. :)

RedPillSucks 31

The south is also known for lynching, among other thing... BTW, on the website it says OP is from Mississippi

Pyro_Wolf 17

46 the "southern hospitality" thing is a lie. I moved from the northern US to southern and I've met some of the most inconsiderate people.

TheDrifter 23

It's your accent and Yankee attitude. They're perfectly polite, kind and welcoming to me as a general rule. (yes there are still assholes, but they're a minority). If you came down without preconceived notions you would find people are nicer.

I'm assuming you kicked that stupid lazy bitch out of your fine establishment, right?

TylerAnderson98 10

OP some people just blow my mind the stupidity that they have.

I hate stupid people. Mostly those that can't read. Or follow directions.