By IbetIgotAIDS - United States
  Today, I realized that the place that my brothers and I would find soggy balloons and blow them up when we were younger is where the prostitutes take their clients. We were blowing up used condoms for a good part of our childhood. FML
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  EvilPotato  |  14

How did their sperm taste, was it yummy.

  Iheartfunny  |  1

Oh 1- I see what you did there blow like a baloon and blow like a whore double meaning. But seriously that sucks.

  Sebastian_NG  |  17

how did that even happen??? u bought a prostitute, got there and said "hey i remember this place", then spent the whole hour crying and remembering ur childhood and she still charged u??

  akayc32  |  0

196... I think being dead would be worse... But then I guess it depends on what/if OP caught something worse than death, but it doesn't seem so with the way it is written.

  Mokiikom_fml  |  8

#51 WTF are you thinking??? With such a situation the gdnder doesn't matter ANYTHING, it's utterly disgusting regardless.

If you ate poop, would you go "oh, it's okay! Good thing I'm a woman, that way the poop automatically becomes fudge!"
It's disgusting regardless of being a guy or girl!! Especially with putting the mouth on the cum and on the juices from inside the prostitute....


"I'll have 6 shots please, bartender: what's the occasion? Op: I had my first BlowJob, bartender: oh well here's a 7th on me then! OP: thanks but I doubt it could get the taste out of my mouth."

  Dalliance  |  4

Glad the memory was shared with us on FML, too. It's one of the grossest I've read in a while. Just wish I could've seen the slowly dawning realization on OP's face when he finally figured it out.

  liggity  |  1

Not only did they drink the prostitutes future kids but they put their mouths on who knows how many cocks and all the ball cheese. I'm gonna go get sick now... Again

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Knowing better and behaving better are two different things. A young child may not you don't want him putting things from the ground in his mouth but may not understand why. I would've thought the first time one tasted the soggy balloon would've been curative but apparently not.

Regardless, this is a parental fail. Who lets their child play unsupervised in a known prostitution hangout?