By deliveryboy - 05/03/2011 15:46 - China

Today, I was told that I was an idiot by a little girl because I didn't deliver a pizza to her house fast enough. FML
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I deliver pizza too.. people are so rude.. what part of "delivery driver" do they not get.. we can only get it out as fast as the people inside can make it...

I hate little kids.


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das first.

Seriously. How stupid can you be?

Then I'd be like, spoiled bitch, drop the pizza, step on it, twist my foot back and forth, kick some dirt over the pizza then GTFO.

Drive faster, Ricky Bobby

I deliver pizza too.. people are so rude.. what part of "delivery driver" do they not get.. we can only get it out as fast as the people inside can make it...

in china? rough... lol

Have you read snowcrash?

skyeyez9 24

Had that been my daughter, she'd been grounded and sent to bed without any pizza for being a disrespectful brat. I cant stand smartmouthed kids.

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yea pizza boy drive faster

I'm also a pizza delivery guy myself everyone that's mean I tell the cook to shorten everything their attitude should change once they get the message

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good lord. Nice pic 31 ...

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OP if your upset over something a little girl said you have serious self esteem issues.

I hate little kids.

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Well that's not very nice.

u were/are one urself winter -.-

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i despise the bratty ones >:/

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I hate the rude kids. once a girl spat on me

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This is not that funny, just saying...

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FYL. Not because you were called an idiot by a little brat, but because you deliver pizzas for a living.

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Did I miss the part where Op said it's their life career? Or are you just assuming.

AntoshaChekhonte 6

I work maintenance at a department store. I clean restrooms, the store, vomit, fix various things, etc etc. I'm also a university student with a 3.9 GPA. I'm working on having several articles on literary theory published. I say that not to boast, but to point out that just because you see someone doing something YOU think of as degrading doesn't mean it's their primary objective in life. I work maintenance because I have to, not because I want to. I work as a student tutor and with a professor, but that will not pay my bills (especially in the summer, when he's not working much and hours tutoring are almost nonexistent). Sometimes people aren't supported by mommy and daddy while they try to go to school or make ends meet. Sometimes we have to get something terrible that's called a job while we work to better ourselves for what we hope will eventually become our real 'living'.

I stopped reading after you wrote your gpa.


Sargasm 4

#15 - Did I miss the part where I said delivering pizza is OP's career?

Sargasm 4

#22 - Believe it or not, I worked a full-time hospitality job while going to school and paid for my education with various scholarships and student loans. No help from mommy or daddy here. Also, the "FYL" comment was meant as a sympathetic one, otherwise I would have given it a "YDI". I believe that's how things work on this here site.

op could be 15 yrs old 4 all u no