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Today, while at work, a customer refused to speak louder, despite me asking her to do it several times. As a result, I took her order incorrectly. The customer then finally decided to raise her voice, but only to yell at me about my poor listening skills. FML
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at my work i wanna put up a "this isnt a library, speak up!" sign, for this reason..

Next time, repeat the order back to the customer to make sure you heard right. If they get frustrated with you then, at least you can tell your management you were still trying to get the right order.


at my work i wanna put up a "this isnt a library, speak up!" sign, for this reason..

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I'd love to do that, but somehow I doubt they'll let me. Starbucks is ridiculous with all their rules and standards. But oh well. At least because of this you know it's super sanitary.

Should have told her you were hearing impaired

Then I bet she would have yelled at her to get a hearing aid if she works with customers. You can't win with people.

I'm severely hard of hearing and wear hearing aids. When this happened to me at my job last summer I had a few people say that they shouldn't let a 'deaf retard' work there. Some people are just going to be rude assholes no matter what, regardless of where you work.

That is so inhuman. Such a shame this is the world we live in.

I'm hard of hearing and people still won't speak up when I ask.

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Major props to those working with these kinds of customers. Hopefully you were able to get her order out and not deal with her anymore.

I know the pain OP. It's happened to me too on a few occasions

Unfortunately, the customer is always right. Still doesn't excuse her behavior but I'm sure you handled it with grace. Sorry OP

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That's what a lot of retail policy will have you believe, and in many respects if that is company policy, you need to abide by it. There's no point in stating "the customer is always right" though. You go home at the end of the day, and you know in your heart that the customer was a dick. Repeating "the customer is always right" ritualises it and empowers rude people to use it as a valid excuse for their rudeness. The customer is often wrong.

I struggle to hear sometimes, I know that feeling.

So I'm assuming you also get yelled at by your boos?

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I get yelled at by MY boos ALL the time.