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Today, I learned that the building I just moved into contains both a drummer and an opera singer. Both are very dedicated to their craft, and practice frequently. FML
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flamerocker 9

Together? Sounds like a sick band! :D

nero9112 4


flamerocker 9

Together? Sounds like a sick band! :D

I don't know why op is complaining. Free music!

OP, learn the guitar and you will be the best apartment band ever!

How ironic it's not bad enough with drums but then opera too.

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Damn_Hippster 11

Get them to come to your parties, problem solved!


fakeaccountX 6

You know I don't see why OP complains; just report them for desruptive noise if if gets worse.

Time to become the Final Note Serial Killer, make them play until they play there final note, then kill them using their instrument. Or is that just me?

Learn to appreciate music, bitch...dick...bitchdick...

bitchslapped22 14

The only solution is to kill them in their sleep...

what is the opera persons instrument? rip out their vocal chords n hit them repeatedly

Shit, OP, give them a playlist of songs you want them to practice so you can have a whole musical theme for yourself all day. And yeah, that would be a pretty cool band.

nero9112 4
nero9112 4

Is only going to bother OP for a few weeks. He will adjust. suck it up people.

Some people want peace and quiet..? And I mean, it's not as if the drums and the singing will go in harmony. It's going to sound like crap. Am I the only one seeing how much this sucks?

2 the problem is lots of noise when you don't want noise.

nero9112 4

Distance is the key. I doubt he is next to one or both, otherwise he would have stated. He will hear them but it wont be nerve-wrecking. I lived across a train yard for nearly a decade and after a bit, the noise didn't bother me. I enjoyed it and it actually made me somewhat of an audiophile.

pretty sure they meant their comment to you was irrelevant. not what you had commented to the OP. but, I'm just saying...

KiddNYC1O 20

23- I'm with you. I live in a building where there's a band that practices every now and then. It's lead me to sleep with ear plugs all the time. In the end I can't complain because sleeping with ear plugs is great.

57- That's an opinion. Also, I myself would just play my own music very loudly.

57 - I logged in just to thumb that up. Nobody wants to see that shit.

134, That's your opinion. and don't worry op you'll eventually adjust

135, there's a huge difference between sexy cleavage and trashy cleavage. That's just trashy.

Actually it looks like a girl trying to look older, and little girls trying to look sexy isn't. They should grow up and go through puberty and become a women, thennn try to be sexy lol. Anyways, OP if your really that disturbed I'm sure if you talk to them and figure out the best times to practice and your sleep schedule, pretty much compromise; then there shouldn't be a problem. Or if your that bothered and compromising wont work, just talk to your landlord about it. There's going to be noise anywhere you live soooo...ya.

pichan_fml 11

Maybe you could make a symphony?

66, You can play- oh, wait. You can't play anything, because your comment obviously insists you have no talent. Insult others, I'll ******* insult you.

The other comment is gone. Just so I don't seem crazy, there was a reply to this comment that said: "Maybe you should play the shut the **** up."

missyj0 12

Looks like you'll be getting a great night of sleep tonight.

Because they practice through the night? ..

missyj0 12

I had a neighbor that only practiced guitar at night, which was a huge pain in the ass. So if OP is complaining about the music I'm pretty sure he/she wouldn't mind it during the day. But that's just my perspective, thank you for your sarcasm. Good day.

KiddNYC1O 20

28- Don't say it like it is impossible...

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How is an opera singer any worse than a drummer? Personally, I would rather have to live by a singer. Opera is really loud, but so are drums.

hannahmorgan06 7

well in my personal opinion, I'd rather have drummer than and opera singer living in my building. but that's just me.

hotPinklipstick 24

Unless it is a skilled drummer who knows what they are doing instead of just beating the drums to what they think is music, I would rather live next to an Opera singer (being they are skilled and not someone who can't sing for shit).

hotPinklipstick 24

Unless it is a skilled drummer who knows what they are doing instead of just beating the drums to what they think is music, I would rather live next to an Opera singer (being they are skilled and not someone who can't sing for shit).

Opera is the best kind of music there is, drums are just annoying without a band, but opera you can go all accapello

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hey, maybe youll meet them OP and theyll become famous and u can brag to our friends saying u was friends with famous ppl

Go buy a tuba & blast it as loud as you can. (Challenge accepted.)

8 - This is totally irrelevant, but I must tell you something important. In your profile, you wrote, "I'm a complete grammar nazi." When it should say, 'I'm a complete grammatical Nazi.' Thus, you're not a complete grammatical Nazi.

I'm pretty sure this was relevant by the way. I was basically telling the OP to get a louder, more annoying, instrument to play.

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39, your comment wasn't being called irrelevant.

SammehDx 6

Okay.. So you want OP to spend at least two or three thousand dollars on something just to annoy two people who could probably appreciate it because it's music? Lol

noting that your username is OperaLover, how is this a problem?

You seriously think drums are not for musicians How about you play a song without drum beats

iianalove987 7

The percussions are the heart of any ensemble. :]

You are an idiot. Drums are the heart and beat of things. If the drums are off the whole band gets off. They keep everyone together.

SammehDx 6

Lol I like how everyone comments saying drums are the heart of any group and stuff when that is not true. But okay. Drums are no doubt important, people, but there are things more important in several kinds of ensembles.

Considering that the "drummer" practices frequently, I'd say that he's either an orchestral percussionist (real musician) and the OP just didn't realize it, or actually is a kit-based drummer that knows his craft well (also a real musician). The opera singer would be a treat. :D

Igor_g5 0

I posted this earlier but it didn't show up. If you think drummers are not musicians your an idiot. Drummers/percussionists are very important to bands that play real music.

listento your heart beat it sounds like a drum beat theyre the heart of the band i play the drums sax brass everything and playing the drums is no easy thing especialy when you are the leadstick in a military marching band seeing as you and the bass drum make and keep the pace of the march music and also passing on the drum majors command...

It's funny because neither of them are musicians!

nero9112 4

Tell that to an Italian, see what happens.

Igor_g5 0

A drummer is a musician numbnuts.

Your comment is funny because it's completely untrue and you're an idiot.

Ok, I'm a drummer (although I play several other instruments) and I still find that pretty funny.

I'm sure #11 is used to read all the nicknames on the FMLs...