By loki - 13/03/2010 09:17 - United States

Today, my roommate and I finally went to the DMV to transfer our vehicle ownership title to our names. On our way out, we joked that we were now responsible for any violations involving our car. We came back to a $35 parking ticket. FML
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hanfan79 0

I'm confused.... why do you share a car with your roommate?

XxKeLs3yxX 0

stop complaining! it couldve been a lot more than just $35. This isn't really a FML


Guerilla8 0

$35 bucks isn't that bad. Especially of your friend is cool enough to split with you.

the DMV sucks. fyl

At least you didn't get your nuts stolen or come back 2 minutes later to a car with broken windows... not an FML over $35

farsidee 0

what was it for?

lately the fml's have been gay

iSitt 0

your next fml will be about how your roomate abuses rhe car and won't pay his fair share of fees

Ajjas013 6

Then he takes your shoes.

How is this a FML? It's not that bad.

ElMetalero 0

#28 I'm so sorry for ur loss. I know where u can get puppies that are trained to self defend against hawks. they are also skilled snipers and have awesome computer hacking skills

nice should have paid more atenton

^ This. It's called Murphy's Law sweetie.

taniamw 9

$35? In Australia, Sydney our lowest parking fine costs about $90!

not that much of an fml dude

No, this type of thing makes me feel sad. One time I went to by a puppy, and right as I handed the guy the check, a giant hawk swooped down and flew away with my puppy.

damn haha ydi pay up (:

I feel bad afatmonkey.... Fyl

umm now your just being stupid because a hawk would never do that especially in a building

I feel sorry for you comment 28 (afatmonkey). that sucks

hawks do do that and a lot of dogs are purchased outside or it could have on her way back to the car. I still don't believe her though

beccaishereyay 11

I don't think it's FML lol. it's more a stupidity thing. irony just bit you in the ass

beccaishereyay 11

I don't think this is an FML. More like just a stupidity thing. Irony just bit you in the ass.

#28 That would have made a better FML. Did you post it?

Call in the Army, boys, before this area gets out of control! The stupidity is too much for the populace to handle all at once!

2nd and you guys deserved it

nolasaints 0

you're 3rd idiot

peace7love2FML 0

well he kind of is 2nd becuz there isn't a second post

Ydi for being a woman

rohosoccer08 1

it's only 35$ if you split it you can make it only $17.50

I love irony

yeah $35 isn't bad

agreed. split it in half :]

a whole 35 bucks oh my god!

Idk about you but $35 isn't like $1 to me.

mylifeisover1305 0

mmmkay if it was like a 300$ Ticket and ur tires were stolen it would be and fml and if ur buddy did not split it with uq