By hurtinrealbad - 16/10/2012 17:25 - United States - Tempe

Today, I had a cyst in my butt removed. The doctors had to make a hole, and then fill it with gauze before sending me home. As soon as I got back, my sister decided to kick me in the butt as hard as she could. FML
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Good luck healing your second asshole with a third asshole in the house.


Sounds like OP needs an a-cyst-tent to kick their sibling's ass

habibiiiiiii 2

Op needs to punch her in the boob. Hard.

46- for all we know, she could be ten years old... none of this OO yet

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That's when you decide to accidentally trip her down the stairs.

I'm enjoying these jokes, butt aren't they a bit insensitive?

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OP's sister sounds like an ass


Why would you randomly kick your sibling hard in the butt?

Psych101 9

You're an only child, aren't you?

You sir are illiterate. Do reread the fml.

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17- If you're talking to me, I was replying to 2. That's why it was a reply.

gTOtheT 7

Because that's what siblings do. Me and my sister slap each other in the butt all the time. It's sibling love!!

It could have been just for fun or an accident.

528Alice491 3

Why wouldn't you? O.o Tripping, kicking, punching, pantsing, thumping, teasing... Some of our greatest stories and scars are from kicking each others asses as kids. And teens. And now were making new ones as young adults. It's a love that never fades. I hope to run my sister over with my wheelchair in my old age.

21- I'm pretty sure she was replying to #2

41 - how do you accidentally kick someone in their ass? I can see if they were playing soccer or another sport, but its doubtful since the OP just had a cyst removed that they would be doing that.

LeaAnne94 17

Why wouldn't you? That's what siblings do.

102- seriously? and i suppose kissing eachother on the cheek or forehead is too? or hugging eachother? they're signs of sibling affection. Long story short; you obviously don't have siblings that you grew up with.

Me and my sister get into it all the time

spiritfang11237 16

Sounds like me and my sister. Hell, my friends and I do that as well. Of course, they also know there are repercussions for actions done, and usually harsher ones for actions done against sick or injured members of our group. Get back at her when you are feeling better, but not when she is injured or sick.

My brother threw a mattress at me this morning. Siblings kick the shit out of each other.

"You" can actually mean any person in general. I knew it was the person who wrote this who was the "victim", and the "you" stands for "someone". Don't correct other people's grammar if you're not even right. Also, I have my own brother, and I mean we argue, but we don't kick eachother.randomly.

108 - I'm assuming that I'm the only one that caught that 29 said they slap each other "in the ass"? That's probably what prompted 102's comment...

^whos a bright little crayon... That's right, you are!

gTOtheT 7

102- I'm pretty sure that not incest. It's love. It's not like we're slapping each other in a sexual way. It's just funny.

Hatesfate...I'd rather be a bright crayon than a malignant blastoma like you. Maybe you should cut back on the haterade a bit

Does it matter? She was probably in pain before the kick...just imagine what she's feeling now.

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Well it kind of matters whether she was intentionally being an asshole or not

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Nope 3 she didn't because you know siblings don't care about each others well being or health. She just felt like being a bitch and doing that.

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35- well under both circumstances she'd still be an asshole, but under the "knowing" circumstance it'd be extra asshole-ish...

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If she knew about it, then she is a bitch!

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I would think the sister would know that their sibling was having surgery.

Eila1996 5

Yeah, I just wanted to make sure.

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

If it did, does that make op an ass-blaster?

No. It was removed, they packed the crater it left behind with gauze.

It must've been HUGE! I had one on my face and I needed two operations. But on the ass! God poor OP :(

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The cyst was already removed dumbass.

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Good luck healing your second asshole with a third asshole in the house.

I bet OP's feeling pretty butthurt about this whole thing.

Unfortunately, insurance won't cover removal of the third asshole.

I laughed way harder at this than I'd like to admit.

hmm a new hole vs a new crack. discussion time:)