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By  betweenwinds  |  18

Wondering the progression of events here. Did the op only discover that their abdomen hurt because of how hard they were trying? Or did they somehow mistake appendicitis for needing to poop?

  amberv61  |  22

That happened to my sister. She woke up with a real bad stomach ache and had just assumed she needed to poop. When the pain got worse that's when she realized something was seriously wrong

  moosetracks22  |  10

I just learned about this in anatomy lecture this week. They mistook their pain as a sign that they needed to poop. The appendix is off the very beginning of your large intestine and sometimes little pieces of poo become trapped in it. Most of the time the movements from your intestines clear it out, but sometimes it gets lodged down further and further. Once it's down there's really no way to get it out other than surgery.

DocBastard please read this and tell me if I'm right!

  sabrinawho  |  15

Exactly right! My father and my boyfriend have both had their appendix removed...both thought they just had to poop. Both felt very sick. I forced them both (years apart) to go to the ER. I was right both times and super glad they were okay. My dads boyfriends didn't.