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  Keyman1212  |  14

Perhaps it was the rare giant Tic Tac, found in only the remotest of Canadian provinces. To see one out of the wild like this is a great honor and privilege. Their regular habitat consists of the nostrils of Grizzly Bears, but when provoked, they will take refuge in a human nostril.

  Mauskau  |  35

You know those shiny books with the removable plastic stickers that you can reuse over and over? I had a teletubbies one of them as a child and shoved a 'tubbycake' up my nose. It didn't come out until I sneezed. My sister also put a bead up her nose and went to hospital.

  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

Speaking of Tic-Tac boxes.
Has anybody ever left the one side closed and blown into the other side you open to take the Tic-Tacs out?
It makes the world's most entertaining sound.

  Amrel  |  10

When i was little i would take them to school and pretend it was medication so I would leave the class to and eat a tic tac, and drink a cup of water:)

  girl112891  |  7

I'd tell her I'm pressing charges against her for attempted man slautar and the police will be picking her up in a few days. Just let her believe that for a while as revenge ;)


When I was 3 I shoved a bead up my nose and went to the hospital. Yeah, I was a pretty dumb kid. Anyway, it wasn't that far up, my mom just didn't want to get it more stuck by trying to get it out.

  Amrel  |  10

The sister will be the cause of the next great block buster!
*in Jason Statham voice*
So your telling me, if i dont get this tic-tac out of my nose i'll die?
Jason Statham is the " Tic-Tacler!"

By  kimmiekimmiekong  |  0

okay ur sister may of attacked u but how the hell did u allow her to put something in your nose. u had to have had one hand open when she was putting the tic tax in your nose. im just saying.