By tictacnose - 08/01/2012 00:33 - Canada

Today, my sister attacked me and stuffed a Tic Tac up my nose. I'm currently in the hospital waiting to have it removed. FML
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dva976 7

U couldn't have shot it out your nostril? It's only a tic-tac.


dva976 7

U couldn't have shot it out your nostril? It's only a tic-tac.

Maybe they have really tiny nostrils. Or they were just stupid enough to inhale.

AlaskanEskimo34 0

I'm sure doctors have seen worse than just a tic tac up the nose.

Perhaps it was the rare giant Tic Tac, found in only the remotest of Canadian provinces. To see one out of the wild like this is a great honor and privilege. Their regular habitat consists of the nostrils of Grizzly Bears, but when provoked, they will take refuge in a human nostril.

*Looks at 37 copying 35* ******** copy cat*

*Looks at 41 copying 35's asterisks* *Rages*

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mby it was the whole pack? btw, double combo breaker

hellbilly205 17

My cousin stuffed on in her nose when she was a tot. They had to go to dr as well to get it out. Something about tic tacs i guess

You know those shiny books with the removable plastic stickers that you can reuse over and over? I had a teletubbies one of them as a child and shoved a 'tubbycake' up my nose. It didn't come out until I sneezed. My sister also put a bead up her nose and went to hospital.

monkeebalz 0

She likes to keep her pranks fresh

It's rare for me to actually, physically laugh at a comment, but yours did it 112. Did your parents manage to yell at you without laughing?

leadman1989 15

Challenge accepted. *Holds breath

hellbilly205 17

Anyone else notice OP's name? Haha

Oh yea that happens to me except it was a wad of paper... And it was in my ear

Speaking of Tic-Tac boxes. Has anybody ever left the one side closed and blown into the other side you open to take the Tic-Tacs out? It makes the world's most entertaining sound.

When i was little i would take them to school and pretend it was medication so I would leave the class to and eat a tic tac, and drink a cup of water:)

Wait Tic-tacs aren't medicine? No wonder my erectile disfunction hasn't cleared up. (pun intended on the "up" part)

44- pun intended? Oh really you shouldnt have... Maybe your erectile problems may be linked to the fact that you are only 16? Just a thought.

*wooshhh* right over your head. Learn what a joke is.

You ruined the pun when you explained it.

Ah well enjoy the ruined pun and move on

I'd tell her I'm pressing charges against her for attempted man slautar and the police will be picking her up in a few days. Just let her believe that for a while as revenge ;)

59- I know a fifteen year old with erectile disfunction. So the erectile disfunction thing is relevant..

Whoa, how far did she jam it up there?!

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SecretMe00 5

46-- your tampon? You're a guy. How's that add up..

When I was 3 I shoved a bead up my nose and went to the hospital. Yeah, I was a pretty dumb kid. Anyway, it wasn't that far up, my mom just didn't want to get it more stuck by trying to get it out.

omarzrgz 3

46 has a mangina? (did I spell that right?)

XxHoPPoxX 8

Don't describe the error of intercourse with your sister and her miniscule penis ....INCEST IS NO JOKE

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Ninelives_fml 3

Who knows. I just want to know why it was even put in there.

brianfantana32 10

Tic tac bombs for the military!!!!!

That's a lovely sister you've got there.

The sister will be the cause of the next great block buster! *in Jason Statham voice* So your telling me, if i dont get this tic-tac out of my nose i'll die? Jason Statham is the " Tic-Tacler!"

kimmiekimmiekong 0

okay ur sister may of attacked u but how the hell did u allow her to put something in your nose. u had to have had one hand open when she was putting the tic tax in your nose. im just saying.

Sit on their chest and hold their arms down with your knees

Prescott6185p 6

Your the stupidest person ever? You've never tried to fight someone who is sitting on your chest? That's sad, it's pretty hard to fight back!

Uhh he was playing video games. So when I attacked my brother he didn't have any free hands. and he's seven.

Ciraxas 7

You know humans have more parts then their arms, right? Sitting, kicking, pinning, or punching was probably involved.