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  nalia18  |  8

Listen up class... Bum is the polite way of saying butt and butt is the corret way of saying booty and booty is the gangster way of saying buttox and buttox is the british way of saying that thingy i sit on and that thingy i sit on is the stupid way of saying ass and ass is the everyday way of saying crap machine and crap machine is the gross way of saying my humps and my humps is the hip hop way of saying lil piece of heaven and lil piece of heaven is the right way of saying bum... *phew* that'll be all for today


When I was about 3 I developed a golfball sized cyst on my neck & I had to get surgery to remove it. I have a pretty sweet scar on my neck now- I tell people I had a conjoined twin but they didn't make it. You'd be surprised how gullible people are.

  Abbeygale  |  8

I had an encephocele (think that's how you spell it) when I was born, so I also have a bald spot caused by a scar on my head from an operation to have it removed... I'm also a girl, it sucks bad I feel your pain.