By Britney - 24/10/2011 22:06 - United States

Today, I discovered I have a cyst on my backside. I can't get it removed until Friday. I have to sit through four midterms this week. FML
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blackheart24 10

No, that's an abscess (pus-filled horror show). A cyst is a sac with a lining filled with fluid or debris, depending on the type of cyst.


samiwammy 5

Yikes, that sucks, I'm sorry. =T

madskittlesftw 5

Op can just lean forward and rest her head why'll taking the test.. Then sleep when shes done?

samiwammy 5

Hmm true, but I would think that it would be kinda distracting and painful.

rallets 22

sounds like you need some a-cyst-ance

Consider yourself lucky, imagine it was on your bum, then you couldn't sit at all.

Backside is a polite way of saying "bum"

Excuse me, but I believe the term "ass cheeks" is more politicly correct.

And here is was thinking "rear meat curtains" was the proper medical terminology. Damn it.

flockz 19

back flap lobes? what the **** are ass cheeks?

43 bum is the polite way of saying "but".

What's cyst? Don't you mean what's a cyst. Look it up hippie.

kelsey_katie 17

49, That just became my quote of the day!

Listen up class... Bum is the polite way of saying butt and butt is the corret way of saying booty and booty is the gangster way of saying buttox and buttox is the british way of saying that thingy i sit on and that thingy i sit on is the stupid way of saying ass and ass is the everyday way of saying crap machine and crap machine is the gross way of saying my humps and my humps is the hip hop way of saying lil piece of heaven and lil piece of heaven is the right way of saying bum... *phew* that'll be all for today

flockz 19

and gluteus maximus is the correct, scientific way to say it.

i dont think this will a-cysy-her on the test :D

n_epic_fail 14

I didn't realize politeness still existed in this era we live in... Or maybe it's just America.

Alexisthebestest 16

When I was about 3 I developed a golfball sized cyst on my neck & I had to get surgery to remove it. I have a pretty sweet scar on my neck now- I tell people I had a conjoined twin but they didn't make it. You'd be surprised how gullible people are.

When I was a newborn I had a huge cyst on my head. They removed it. Now I have a gigantic bald patch on my head. I'm a 14 year old girl.

I had an encephocele (think that's how you spell it) when I was born, so I also have a bald spot caused by a scar on my head from an operation to have it removed... I'm also a girl, it sucks bad I feel your pain.

Just get a friend to remove for u, all u need is a pin, alcohol and tissues, lots of tissues.

55 - More like towels! Those things do NOT want to drain nor clean easily. Ew >.

I should have said "I have healing hands" yes thy would have sounded clever :3

dont froget shit to sanitize that needle/pin.

Not sure why deadman got thumbed down. I use shit to sanitize things every day.

ednusi 7

well you should ass-k your teachers if u can take them later xD

Buttsexpirate 9

I'm an ass and I find this comment highly offensive. Good day sir!

Decapitation 3

R.I.P. Jim Carey's comedic talent

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m0tl3ycru3 0

Bring a pillow to rest your back on during midterms?

chickenwalrus 14

i'd say more of a pain in the ass.

natashax21 5

Sir, do you need some aCYSTance?

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txgirl2013 14

A really huge bump with a lot of pulse inside usually very painful

No, that's an abscess (pus-filled horror show). A cyst is a sac with a lining filled with fluid or debris, depending on the type of cyst.

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Takuya272727 16

Is that a glass bottle up on of your patient asses? @DocBastard

It's like a noncancerous tumor. And they can also be filled with hair, teeth, and fingernails.... Which mine was...

It's like a noncancerous tumor... It can also be filled with hair, teeth, and nails. Like mine. Pretty gross.

boredblonde 17

It's okay man, you can tough it out!

Yea an u get a pimple and u will cry for 6 days

boredblonde 17

do you know me? i think not..