By Anonymous - United States - Raleigh
Today, my neighbors left for their nine month excursion, and armed their security system. One of the features is a loud series of three beeps every three seconds, 24 hours a day. I can hear it, clear as a bell, throughout my entire house. FML
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  xLIGHTS_fml  |  23

Wouldn't that annoy the neighbors at night o.o unless they sleep with their alarm unarmed and sorry about my misunderstanding, I re-read it wrong when I replied you

  folgy  |  10

Just like most alarms would have a light somewhere outside the house that flashes every now and then to show possible intruders the property is alarmed they do it as a deterrent I would imagine the beep alerts to the fact the system is armed and operational and also acts as a deterrent so they see it/ hear it and think its best to move on rather than break into your property and shit themselves when they hear loud sirens going off.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

If it were your alarm, you wouldn't be home to hear it so it wouldn't annoy you. I doubt the neighbours considered that it could be heard from someone else's home.

OP, attempt a break-in. The alarm will sound, you'll get home before the police show up, and the neighbours will be called to remotely disable the alarm. (*Warning: Do not follow that advice as it is terrible with little chance of success.)

  pmadNess  |  14

You don't post in time, and the one above you is the douche?
You must have a mirror somewhere in your house... Locate it, look in... You will see the real douche

By  mikepzz  |  27

burn the house to the ground and urinate on the ashes, if the fire doesn't stop the noise maybe your piss will fry the circuitry. or you could call them, that might work too