By Anonymous - 16/10/2012 16:38 - United States - Raleigh

Today, my neighbors left for their nine month excursion, and armed their security system. One of the features is a loud series of three beeps every three seconds, 24 hours a day. I can hear it, clear as a bell, throughout my entire house. FML
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Well, it wouldn't be a very good security system if it automatically turned off. The beeps are part of the system.

I mean after a while and then the cops turn up at the house if it isn't turned off in a minute if the alarm is set off. Well that's how mine works anyway

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12- The alarm isn't set off, the beeps show that it's working.

Wouldn't that annoy the neighbors at night o.o unless they sleep with their alarm unarmed and sorry about my misunderstanding, I re-read it wrong when I replied you

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18- No problem, you raise a valid question. I don't think it makes much sense either.

So would OP be allowed to complain to the police for disturbance of peace? And if so what would they do about it?

Just like most alarms would have a light somewhere outside the house that flashes every now and then to show possible intruders the property is alarmed they do it as a deterrent I would imagine the beep alerts to the fact the system is armed and operational and also acts as a deterrent so they see it/ hear it and think its best to move on rather than break into your property and shit themselves when they hear loud sirens going off.


It's an alarm. Why the hell would it turn off?

That's annoying! I don't know why anyone would want that!

If it were your alarm, you wouldn't be home to hear it so it wouldn't annoy you. I doubt the neighbours considered that it could be heard from someone else's home. OP, attempt a break-in. The alarm will sound, you'll get home before the police show up, and the neighbours will be called to remotely disable the alarm. (*Warning: Do not follow that advice as it is terrible with little chance of success.)

3-I love how your profile picture matches your comment beautifully.

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3- You have a nice smile, even if it is meant for turtles... ;)

Isn't that disturbance to the peace? If it's heard throughout your home, i'm sure it's bothering others too

You can report it to the cops if it's really a disturbance to a bunch of people

just what I was thinking. How is ant alarm system like that even legal? O_o

I bet it's a foreign system that's techneclly not allowed to be sold. Those do exist.

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The police might be able to get in contact with them, and the company whom installed the alarm

Perhaps it's time for a tree to "fall" on their power lines?

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Throw a rock at the window and set off the alarm. That will teach them.

Throw a rock through the window to set it off, they come back, problem solved.

When I was typing, the douche above me hadn't posted yet.

You don't post in time, and the one above you is the douche? You must have a mirror somewhere in your house... Locate it, look in... You will see the real douche

25- there is a difference between typing and posting. 26- if you think that's an original moment worth posting you are too young to be here.

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You're just digging yourself into a deeper hole. It would be better to just stop talking.

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Call the cops?? Maybe they can shut it off??

burn the house to the ground and urinate on the ashes, if the fire doesn't stop the noise maybe your piss will fry the circuitry. or you could call them, that might work too

Call the police and report a disturbance of peace. If the neighbors are nice, they would do something about it. If not, sue them.

You had me on board until you said sue them.

Well that didn't take long. You're going to be that fun elderly person who thinks they can sue if there's one unpopped kernel in a bag of popcorn.

Are you ******* kidding me? Sue them? Sue them for WHAT?! I'm losing faith in humanity faster than ever nowadays..