By blahblah493 - 26/05/2011 04:15 - United States

Today, I walked in on my mom trying to wax her butt. FML
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That's gross! She should have locked the door.

SpazzyJazzy325 0

maybe she was doing it in OP's bedroom

it's not gross, it's better not to have a hairy ass. I agree that op shoulda knocked, lol.

AcidRaen 4

74 and how old are you? 8? get a sense of humor and dont take everything so seriously. especially on here

cwmbear 0

QUICK. Rip your eyes out and burn em

btnhdude 0

She should place a cross against the ass; and instead of a red marking there'd be skin showing.

no girl wants to be likes a chewbacca :P