By blahblah493 - 26/05/2011 04:15 - United States

Today, I walked in on my mom trying to wax her butt. FML
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did you help her out?

Did you point out she miss spot?


did you help her out?

Wrong.... butt funny...

you're pretty cute

haha would you have helped her out?!?!

She should have arsked

That's gross! She should have locked the door.

maybe OP shudda knocked

maybe she was doing it in OP's bedroom

it's not gross, it's better not to have a hairy ass. I agree that op shoulda knocked, lol.

or he/she could have knocked lol

Did you point out she miss spot?

Smooth move.

Fitting comment.

lol 23 that took me a minute....

That was a good one!

if you scroll up a bot on the comments

74 and how old are you? 8? get a sense of humor and dont take everything so seriously. especially on here

QUICK. Rip your eyes out and burn em

She should place a cross against the ass; and instead of a red marking there'd be skin showing.

i would of tried to help your mom out

no not even funny

no girl wants to be likes a chewbacca :P