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  a_nutritionist  |  10

@103 MOST personal videos? sure, whatever you say...its definitely the majority of them that end up on porn sites...not the minority or anything. thats why sex tapes are so uncommon in relationships these days, right? otherwise it stands to reason there would be billions of them online...

"ive seen some home made porn online, therefore, ALL HOME MADE PORN ENDS UP ONLINE"


  Veraymix  |  6

Time to ask for the majority of the profits. Of course, he should get some, since he made you the account in the first place. Congratulations, you have a new career set out for you.

  hook_em  |  0

haha 271 don't sweat it. they wonder why nerdy guys get gorgeous girls and it's because us normal guys for the vast majority of the population do not know how to treat girls the right way.

  TheSailorMan  |  0

@Ronnie_loves_you - this is the internet. Unfortunately, that means guys are going to be creeping because they know they're safe and can do that without having to worry about consequences. Especially to one with your beauty, and in this type of topic. No, I'm not creeping, I got me a gorgeous gal I'm crazy about already. Just stating facts :)

  hook_em  |  0

ok 293 let's ask 298. would you 298 rather go by 293s thing or go by someone that can provide with things like going to anesthesiology school and having a farm
beside the lake to build a house on?

  EatnBeef  |  7

the comment with the most thumbs up is gay

  lifeguardd  |  0

OP if ur under 18 u can sue the porn site and ur bf. i think u can sue the porn site for using it without ur permission even if ur over 18 #getmillionbucks.
doo it pleasee. i wanna see u get rich and ur bf goes to jail. he used you. u like bein used? if i were ur bestfriens ill make sure he will wear braces for his jaws after i fuck him up.

  YacL  |  15

All right! New pick up lines, this is sure to pick up the ladies.

I feel the need to add that the above statement would be printed in sarcastic font if there was any.

  TwatRot69  |  0

Actually she is pretty hot.
And honey, I hate to break it to you, but while your commenting about how huge her forehead is, you might need to look again at your picture. Your whole face is huge. Down to your nose, lips, head. Must I go on? Stop being a cunt.


And you know how she found out:
She was on Pornhub, looks for the new collection of female porn and...
"Oohhhhh... This one is a hottie...