By secretpornstar - 13/06/2011 19:23 - United Kingdom

Today, I found out the reason my boyfriend had been encouraging me to send him 'personal' videos was so he could sell them online to porn websites. FML
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Well let's just hope you get hecka famous and rich!!!!


Well let's just hope you get hecka famous and rich!!!!

flockz 19

boyfriend has the right idea.

Mrrevorp 0

oh yeaaaaaa. haha if you're hot enough pull be able to sleep knowing thousands of men are spanking it to videos of you at this very moment!

I'm kinda wondering how she found out..

Mrrevorp 0

^^ went through his history? you know how nosy potential **** stars can be

what's the name of the site??......

Eh. I assumed she was looking through some websites for some umm entertainment and ended up watching herself.

Mrrevorp 0

it'd be funny if seeing herself didn't stop her. funny and egotistical lmao

fthislyfe 22

well, all she can do now is to make him share the money with her...nice username btw

Might wanna come up with a new alibi. Porn stars gotta have fake names you know what I'm sayin'? *wink wink nudge nudge*

Believe it or not, that's where most "personal" videos and pictures end up. Stop sending girls. Crap.

I like hella better then hecka . just saying

Well if you ever post some 46 let us know.:p

whybother8 0

howmuch did he charge?

what website I wanna see

wat website is this?

FunnyGuy5051 7

well creepers going to creep

hey now a penny earned is a penny saved.

pics or it didn't happen

152, not trying to creep but I live in Dallas too.

Dreamkiller51 5

are you on

maz255 10

175 shes like five years older than you buddeh... aim lower

a_nutritionist 10

@103 MOST personal videos? sure, whatever you say...its definitely the majority of them that end up on **** sites...not the minority or anything. thats why sex tapes are so uncommon in relationships these days, right? otherwise it stands to reason there would be billions of them online... "ive seen some home made **** online, therefore, ALL HOME MADE PORN ENDS UP ONLINE" *facepalm*

just wanted to say...your very beautiful

mrwelsh3 0

I agree I would love to see 46 she's beautiful lol

Veraymix 6

Time to ask for the majority of the profits. Of course, he should get some, since he made you the account in the first place. Congratulations, you have a new career set out for you.

Mrrevorp 0

46, not even gon lie, you are pretty hot haha

You pigs do realize this isn't a place to get girls right?

Hey Ronnielovesyou you do realize that we don't care. Sexual harassment is fun. So get your sweet little ass in front of a camera and hit me with a sext?

hook_em 0

haha 271 don't sweat it. they wonder why nerdy guys get gorgeous girls and it's because us normal guys for the vast majority of the population do not know how to treat girls the right way.

I seriously doubt he is giving her the money.

@Ronnie_loves_you - this is the internet. Unfortunately, that means guys are going to be creeping because they know they're safe and can do that without having to worry about consequences. Especially to one with your beauty, and in this type of topic. No, I'm not creeping, I got me a gorgeous gal I'm crazy about already. Just stating facts :)

dicks get hot girls, dont even kid yourself

No dick is getting me.

maz255 10

298 no mam, no dick is going to get front of a camera

hook_em 0

ok 293 let's ask 298. would you 298 rather go by 293s thing or go by someone that can provide with things like going to anesthesiology school and having a farm beside the lake to build a house on?

hook_em 0

thanks point proven

isnt this sort of saying something and doing the opposite :)?

omg! genius! exploiting women for personal gain!? we must tell other men of this new and creative idea....

texaschick1998 0

jerk. Well, that's my best guess. That's all I need. A nice round ass.

He's quite the little businessman.

orangeduck 6


pics or it didn't happen

No, they weren't pictures, they were videos.

the comment with the most thumbs up is gay

Fx13mz 7

Just Google "dumb girl pleases herself on webcam for rich boyfriend" and I'm sure it'll come up.

Mrrevorp 0

oh that video! yea I have it saved on my laptop lol

URL link or it didn't happen.

JennaMarie420 2

I want to give it a thumbs up but I dont want to make it thumbs up

CateXOX 0

71- So I guess you're about to have the straightest comment ever.

if you find out I want the name of the video so I can see it and go HAH that was on FML! lol

That's not all you'll be doing 172 haha

OP if ur under 18 u can sue the **** site and ur bf. i think u can sue the **** site for using it without ur permission even if ur over 18 #getmillionbucks. doo it pleasee. i wanna see u get rich and ur bf goes to jail. he used you. u like bein used? if i were ur bestfriens ill make sure he will wear braces for his jaws after i **** him up.

what does OP mean???

original poster

Cereal_Is_Good 5

317- Actually, if OP is under 18, they can technically be charged with distributing child ****. So suing could be a bad idea.

Lol I wanna no to

more like: what's op's name

Ruskiy_Cherep 18

For research purposes

I'd straighten him out so fast!

make some mooooolllaaa

iAmScrubs 19

"straighten him out"

iAmScrubs 19

"straighten him out"

iAmScrubs 19

sorry about my double comment. I feel like an eggplant.

Eggplants are tasty, so don't feel bad.

why is this thumbed down? the ambiguity is priceless.

well seeing as he has e girlfriend, gets dirty videos from her, and sells them. I'd say he's pretty straight.

MissBunnyWillEat 11

Maybe one day you'll become an Internet sensation.

not really a sensation the guy seems to want his moneys worth back off her

mruizk9 7

ur freaking sexy missbunnywilleat

Not as sexy as you, mruizk9!

MissBunnys, you are legit!! read your profile lolol!(:

for the 1millionth time FML is not a dating site. unless your a desperate hobo.

All right! New pick up lines, this is sure to pick up the ladies. I feel the need to add that the above statement would be printed in sarcastic font if there was any.

alexg823 0

Lol, hoboes don't have the interwebs!

love4shitting 0

so freakin hot

lulututu 4

she has a big forehead.. :)

She didn't ask for your opinion of her forehead, so stop being a jealous bitch because everyone's showing her the attention and not you.

lulututu 4

Guys come on now, her forehead is freakin huge. Not hot at alll, :)

TwatRot69 0

Actually she is pretty hot. And honey, I hate to break it to you, but while your commenting about how huge her forehead is, you might need to look again at your picture. Your whole face is huge. Down to your nose, lips, head. Must I go on? Stop being a ****.

nothing was said, or implying that FML is ...

she's already gathering an FML audience, so maybe...

Upload the videos to Make this man and other men (and/or women) happy. :)

for old perveted men

Only if they were good videos. OP were they any good?

we got us a new kardashian

And you know how she found out: She was on Pornhub, looks for the new collection of female **** and... "Oohhhhh... This one is a hottie... WAIT WHAT THE FUCK?"

well hope you had fun at least lol

Jboy1218 0

maybe you'll get on tosh?

thePr3da1i3nrulz 4

What channels that on?

Jboy1218 0

comedy central

puffydude1 0

It really only sucks if he doesn't share the profits.

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