By Anonymous - 16/10/2012 18:43 - United States

Today, the guardian angel charm my grandma gave to me for "safe driving" fell off my sun visor while I was driving. This scared me enough to cause me to swerve into another moving car. So much for safe driving. FML
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Epitome of irony. Sorry, that sucks!

Oh my God, you must be a really bad driver if your guardian angel gave up and called it quits.


Well it obviously happened because it fell! Sorry OP bad luck!

It happened because OP got scared and react, the angel has nothing to do with this

26- are you being serious? I can't tell. Anyway it's obviously a bad jinn and not the good little angel OP thought it was ...

How the hell you going to get that scared and swerve into another car?

47- haven't you ever been spooked before?

1- If you don't want to be thumbed down every single post, I recommend you change your username and profile picture to something that isn't justin bieber related. And yes, I didn't capitalize his name.

I'm pretty sure your nation is ruined by other things then bieber fans...

They are one problem of many.

Is you ok? Is you? Good; cause I wanted to know.

gmc_blossom 21

71- One Direction fans, maybe? They're ******* crazy.

chell1894 13

Yeah I was going to say, how did that scare op? But at times I find myself spooked by the silliest things when I'm in my own little world thinking about stuff

71 - You're right, it's the fat JB fans.

Why would you jump just because something fell? Unless your really paranoid and need help


This is irony in its purest form.

Epitome of irony. Sorry, that sucks!

It's like raaaaaain on your wedding day

^ Except no, it's not.

39- it's a free rideee, when you've already paid!

62 - someone understands!

Psych101 9

66- No. Everyone understand. That entire song is ironic because none of the scenarios are actually ironic.

Osito2011 9

I'm going to say op is a woman driver and the male symbol is a sham

Is it really ironic if it's just ignorance of the term's meaning?

68- actually, although it is true everyone understands, the part were she sings "it's like 10 thousand spoons when all you need is a knife" and the part about the old man dying after striking lottery is kinda ironic, but I like your joke about ironic ironic

You're worshiping the wrong god op.

Add a few zeros to that price and you've got it.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I worship the spaghetti monster. He blesses me with endless meatballs and tomatoe sauce. Only when I am completely devoted will he give me the secret ingredient to reach nirvana. It's spaghetti noodles..but shh don't tell anyone!

Yeah 53- 54 is right .... If you wanna be in the Scientology club, you gotta have serious money.

MalloryKnox 8

Oh I get it 56, God is a flying spaghetti monster! Hey everybody, I'm an atheist!!!

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I am completely confused by your comment 80. So confused in fact that I had to comment about how damn confused I am.

MalloryKnox 8

88-that's understandable! It's from an episode of South Park (in which Miss Garrison converts to atheism) and was in response to 56.. I assumed that's what they were talking about since I've never heard a flying spaghetti monster used in an argument about the existence of god anywhere else! It was pretty random, hope that helped :)

You need a charm for safe driving? I thought there were schools for learning how to be a safe driver.

She gave OP a charm because she was a safe driver from what I could gather, not she received the charm so that she could become a safe driver.

^misunderstood bury me >.

It sounds similar to why some people have rosaries in their car... For "protection" while driving

I had a similar guardian angel charm when I started driving. I kept it hanging off my rear-view mirror until I had my car accident. Then I threw it away.

tjisnumbaone 5

Haha so true. YDI for having that be a distraction to your driving.

My grandma gave me one that says how god is only a prayer away, I guess I'm supposed to bow down while driving? She's a nun so it's okay though. I put it in a hole next to my visors though so it won't fall down :D

PhishloverA 14

What makes you think it was a distraction before it fell?

KiddNYC1O 20

For safe driving not necessarily to be a safe driver. As 18 said.

KiddNYC1O 20

25- You're still breathing, right?

Please don't take all of my posts at face value. There are few comments I make where I am dead serious.

Yes, it's a little clip in the shape of a guardian angel that goes on my sun visor. I guess it got loose!

If your grandma is a nun doesn't she have to stay a virgin for her whole life? So then how would she have given birth to one of your parents?

She had one of her parents then became a nun.

lacespace 8

This is probably the exact reason she gave you the charm, you suck at driving.

Well, that just sucks. Maybe try wearing it on a necklace next time.

ramakanthsj 3

You should never drive with a girl beside you then. God knows what you will crash into at what she does

Wait what? Was that even relevant?

BeforeItWasCool 12

Even with 19 explaining what was meant, it's still so far from relevant. Comments like these irritate me so bad -.-

KaeporaGaebora 4

Jesus take the wheel!

Sexist people should be beaten.

Is it the fault of the girl for being a distraction, or the fault of the idiot driver who gets distracted by something as common as a person of the female gender?

Learn how to drive!!!!!

If OP was a good driver they'd know it's safer to brake, not swerve.

Oh my God, you must be a really bad driver if your guardian angel gave up and called it quits.

If a charm falling from your visor scares you so much that you wreck, you shouldn't be driving anyways.