By lebato97 - 09/12/2011 03:35 - United States

Today, I saw my neighbor's Christmas tree they had put up on their porch, with decorative presents under it. Being that my neighbors hate me, I figured I would take a present to piss them off. While walking back home with the present, I opened it. Inside it read "I knew you would, douche bag." FML
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borkchop1992 15

i bet your neighbors dont like you because you typically do douchy things like this


p3mguin 7

Your pro pic goes perfect with this statement LOL. but op stop..... BEING A DOUCHE

Nice pic #3, do I see correct, it is a G36C? Sweet weapon, would be my first choice

Yes it's a G36c dual mags, foregrip and a red dot sight... I now have a holographic for it lol :)

p3mguin 7

Shut the **** up faggots. Call of duty nerd wankers.

borkchop1992 15

i bet your neighbors dont like you because you typically do douchy things like this

lil_miss_katii 7

Maybe OP should stop being a douche and then his neighbors will like him? Just a thought..

Michael_92 20

What's not to like? I'm sure this guy is rolling in the ladies..oh wait no cause you can't even respect something as small as your neighbors having a tree. There's something wrong withyou dude.


101- he's gone too far with it now. There's no going back from being a douche. Ever.

lil_miss_katii 7

148- that is a very good point! I forgot about that

beccalyn244 4
monkeysareyummy 0

have you ever heard about wearing a shirt? My god your boobs are pretty much hangin out. (don't worry I'm not gay. But seriously, not everyone wants to see that)

RedPillSucks 31

translation.... Your boobs are pretty. Much hanging out. I'm not. Gay, but want to see that.

perdix 29

#81 Speak for yourself! I want to see that, and I think lots of others want to as well! Look around at more profiles and you'll fins that beccalyn's shot is relatively modest. You should write her a PM apologizing for being so clumsy when you were just trying to get her attention. That could put in motion an interesting series of events if you handle it right.

rexgar2000 10

don't worry 5 your boobs are just fine. keep it coming lol nah I'm jk no shirt needed.

Wow so you're not just a bratty kid, you're a thief too...nice

And anyone who doesn't vote "you deserved it" is clearly delusional

denbeste 3

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He's not smoking anything; he's just a douche, too.

Is it any wonder your neighbours hate you! Well played neighbours, well played

Agreed, they obviously know he's a big douche bag, something he pretty much freely admitted. :p

jpoole 4

Ha you've been outplayed, burn their tree down.

ninjuh_wingman 29

Your neighbors just Christmas trolled you.

conqueror57 11

Is a "Christmas troll" an elf??

The_Troller 14

HoHoHoHo + Trollololol = Holololol